my personal narrative by:odin b.


By: Odin Beck

I woke up at 5:00 in the hotel bed with a sore throat and a sleep-deprived look. We packed our things into the shuttle. As we were packing.... Me and my family got on the Light Tram after the plane landed.

We descended up the escalator at the station when joy rushed through me as I saw Uncle Tad waiting for us at the top of the escalator.

We made our way to the aquarium after lunch which was filled with a very diverse selection of aquatic mammals and sea creatures. My sister, Willah almost fooled me when she said they had orcas at the aquarium.

We shortly arrived at Aunt Pam and Uncle Tad’s house and we sunk our teeth into smoked salmon and fingerling potatoes for dinner. The smell of fish filled the air with an authentic market scent as we traveled through pike place market the next day. It was interesting to compare pike place market to state street.

The next day I woke up...We went to the emp museum the next day with Jeff and Jody. My parents liked the exhibit about the popular band called the Nirvana. It consisted of.... I felt like I was in space when I entered the science fiction exhibit. The excitement rushed through me like a kid on christmas morning as I came across the Jim Henson exhibit. I was unaware of my surroundings for a minute or two before my dad got my attention

I realized trying new things is fun.

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