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The Women's International Network of Utility Professionals is an organization providing a link for developing and recognizing professionals involved with utility business trends, issues, products, and services.


Opportunities for professional development of members. Network and mentoring among members. Recognition and visibility for members and business partners.

Words From The Chair

Kernesa Samana / 2020 THE Ohio WiNUP Chapter Chair

Over the last several weeks I attended ‘The Power Conference to ADVANCE Women in Utilities’. Several of the speakers were excellent, but one presentation really stuck with me. It was delivered by our own Ohio Chapter Executive Sponsor - Sandy Nessing. She talked about leading with empathy and how empathy creates an environment where people are inspired and empowered. As she described empathic leadership, I realized that was the type of environment I want to create, but I’m not sure that I achieve it. I got further insight into this when I reviewed my Strength Finder results and they showed out of a ranking of 35 attributes, with the top rankings being what I’m strongest in, for me, empathy was 29. Although Strength Finders tends to be focused on leveraging your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses, this is one area I know I can - and will - improve. Empathy is important to me, especially in these times, because we need to stick together. We need to help each other out. We need to give others a lift when they need it - and we should accept a lift when we need it. What is important to you? During this time of social distancing, what are you choosing to work on? What type of environment do you want to create? If you’re comfortable, use our slack channel to share your thoughts! See the link below in our new social media section!

This month’s song is Feel Good by Jordan Smith. Every time I hear it, my spirit lifts and it makes me want to dance. I challenge you to listen to it and not move!

If you have a song that moves you - send it to me, I may include it in a future newsletter!

Kelly Nomina Barr, Government Affairs Coordinator - Ohio's Electric Cooperatives

Can you share a story that inspired you to be a part of WiNUP?

Government Affairs work has historically been a male-dominated field and I have navigated that world for approximately twenty years. That is changing, but very slowly. The same can be said for the utility industry – it’s historically male-dominated. Having experienced the challenges of being a working woman, a part-time working mother (both inside and outside of the home) and ultimately a full-time working (mother outside the house), it important to network and build relationships with other women in those various stages of life. Women bring very distinct and unique qualities to the workplace and they are often overlooked and undervalued. I wanted to be a part of WiNUP because another woman that I respect invited me to join. After my first meeting, I quickly realized that WiNUP is a wonderful group of working women in the utility space who seek to lift each other up promote growth inside and outside of the office setting.

Have you participated in any volunteering efforts? If so, why are those important to you?

I love to volunteer my time. I truly believe we are put on this Earth to serve others and to give back to our communities. Volunteering helps me fulfil my passion for giving back. I get it honest, as they say. My mother was a faithful volunteer for her church and may organizations. She truly had a servant’s heart. I learned from watching her give of her time and talents and share in that desire. I recently completed my term as Secretary on School Advisory Committee at my children’s school, the catholic school equivalent to a school board. I am a volunteer-at-large for the SPiCE (Special People in Catholic Education) Committee at St. Brigid of Kildare School and Parish, where I also serve as a Eucharistic Minister. My family and I also volunteer our time once a month making sandwiches for several local soup kitchens. I previously lead a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group and completed that tenure as a Mentor Mom where I supported young and new mothers. From meals-on-wheels to Assistant Brownie Troop Leader to coaching t-ball and volleyball, I thoroughly enjoy volunteering my time.

How can others find out more about what you do?

Anyone can call me or email me anytime to learn more about what I do.


Vote for your 2021 Ohio Chapter Officers

Meet the 2021 Officer Candidates

Voting Closes Monday - August 31, 2020

Vote for your WiNUP 2021 International Officers

Voting Closes Tuesday - September 15, 2020

Cathy Hood - American Electric Power

July 23, 2020

Unapologetic Boldness For Life & Career Success

July 30, 2020

Partnering with Tonya Tiggett, we were able to host another successful event! Unapologetic Boldness for Life & Career Success highlighted the experience and knowledge of panelists Carla Donev, Sandy Nessing and Matt Satterwhite facilitated by Tonya Tiggett. Tonya expanded on her newest topic of The Towanda Effect and what it means to be unapologetic and bold. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording of the event below.

Ohio WiNUP Executive Committee Holds Virtual 2021 Strategy Business Planning Meetings

August 6th and 13th, 2020

Ohio Chapter Annual Business Meeting

August 24, 2020

  • Meet the Candidates for the 2021 Leadership Team
  • 2020 Strategic Update
  • Expanding the Ohio Chapter
  • 2021 Strategy Meeting

Mindset & Change: Becoming a Next Level Leader

August 27, 2020

Lead by Tonya Tiggett, the Next Level Leadership event was a successful, interactive event. Participants were able to interact through the use of virtual rooms to share their ideas on what it meant to be a “Next Level” leader. In the main virtual room of the event, Tonya shared knowledge and guided the group to refining their definitions of leadership. Participants worked their way through the event with their workbook and were left with post-event exercises they can complete to continue their journey into what it means to be a Next Level Leader.

AEP's Women's Leadership Committee Podcasts

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Virgin Pulse's "Virtual Exercise Dice"

Do you want to add some fun to your daily home exercise routine, the start of a conference call or a virtual meeting with a co-worker? Then, check out this site, recommended by AEP Sharecare: Virgin Pulse's "Virtual Exercise Dice"- every time you click the dice, it rolls a different home exercise like "10 push-ups" or "20 air squats". It’s a great way to kick off meetings and keep you and your meeting attendees positive, active and engaged. See link below!

Let's Talk About Social Justice

September 3, 2020 - 1 to 2:30pm

Mindset & Change: Becoming a Next Level Leader Follow-Up

September 24, 2020

Good at Planning Events?

The programming chairwomen seek 3-4 passionate, organized and willing members who enjoy various aspects of event planning to be on their committee.

If you haven't had the opportunity to work with Brittany Noland or Jacquie Weyers, then this is a great chance. They are the ideal chairwomen for this committee as they understand the mission of WiNUP and bring that to our local level. Whether you can plan events in your sleep, or would like to develop these skills, you are welcome to join. Assist with as many of the upcoming events as your schedule allows. Contact Brittany Noland or Jacquie Weyers to get involved.

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The WiNUP Ohio Chapter website will be relocating to ClubExpress! The intent of this move was not to revamp the website as that was done back in 2018, but instead to create uniformity between the WiNUP International website and each of the individual chapter’s websites. Our goal was to make this transition as seamless as possible; therefore, you will still have access to all of the same great information by utilizing the same web address following the move at www.winupoh.org. Please keep an eye out for an email announcing the launch of the new site!

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