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Now with 17 years of real estate sales experience, Laz has established an outstanding reputation throughout western and coastal areas, winning an array of industry awards for excellence along the way. A passionate and dynamic individual who was born for real estate, Laz is a real people person who lives on the high of surpassing expectations and delivering optimum results with straight forward ‘tell it like it is’ real estate advice. Laz often states real estate is a 'long term game' and that giving back to the community is just one of the few attributes it takes to being successful. Laz has an extensive network of business people, trades and real estate advisors to assist not only in preparing your home for sale but is very experienced in building, developing and investment opportunities. He understands the wonderful lifestyle appeal of being so close to both city and beach, and can offer the kind of insight into developing infrastructure and potential for growth that only comes from being a true local.

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