Personality Traits AInsley zubrinsky

My personality trait was ENFP which stands for Entraverted iNuitive Feeling Perceiving. This personality trait means that people see everyone and everything as a cosmic whole. Usually, people who have this trait, view things with strong opinions. Often, people who have this trait are some of the kindest people and very spontaneous. ENFP people can have emotion switches. They can go from being really serious and focused, to really crazy fun and wild.

The opposite of ENFP is ISTJ which stands for introverted sensing thinking judging. People who have ISTJ are thinkers who can sense the difference between what is right and what is wrong. They get easily frustrated when others become inconsistent with certain things. They also usually keep their feelings to themselves unless they are told otherwise. They do not like to express themselves to others and they like to be isolated when it is necessary. People with the character trait of ISTJ also like to keep everyone in their roles and have their own duties.

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