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Every year their is a big basketball event called March Madness. March Madness is when you pick a basketball team to win the whole bracket. but this year good teams have been going out early like Villanova and Duke. Bad teams are beating those teams like South Carolina and Xavier. And their has been upsets like Middle Tennessee vs Minnesota also Villanova and Wisconsin. These basketball teams w here one of the best.

North Carolina, whose heartbreaking loss in the N.C.A.A. tournament championship game a year ago provided one of the game’s indelible moments the buzzer-beating shot by Villanova’s Kris Jenkins avenged that North Carolina will be ready. With the defeat and a win over Gonzaga, 71-65, on Monday April 3 2017 to claim its sixth national title. Gonzaga was led by 15 from Carter Williams-Goss, but he was 5-17 from the floor. as north Carolina goes haywire in the 2nd half they manage to take the lead.

My opinion would be that march madness is one of those things where some people pay more attention to basketball and not their family.but i would say that basketball is fun and i like to play it and watch it. but one time i had to use all the computers to watch basketball. so i am still going to watch basketball but i am only going to watch it on one computer. and those people who pay more attention to basketball and not their kids play with your kids watch the game with your kids.

all you have to do is play a board game. and then you can still watch it. But then you might be distracted to the game this is so confusing whatever you do don’t talk to me about solving a problem The research shows that more people are staying home and not going to working because of march madness. And some people still go to work but they don’t work. And when a team loses they are so mad they make other living creatures do work for them. So I mean you can still watch basketball but you have to be careful of what you do to your family and other things. This is one of those things when it is OK to watch but then you have to watch your temper.

March madness isn’t that bad but it can get out of hand tho because some OK teams beat the #1 seed like Wisconsin beat #1 Villanova but then Wisconsin lost to the #4 seed Florida and Wisconsin is the #8 seed and people could have been out of control. I had Duke and North Carolina in the championship but Duke lost to South Carolina and now South Carolina is unstoppable. And like I said that south Carolina is one of those teams that are OK but they can still be dangerous in the long run. since it doesn’t matter to me because I still have North Carolina going all the way.

40 million people roughly fill out 70 million bracket's a year!!! they earn more money then the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL!!!

I think how we will solve the problem is that more people need to watch basketball if you want to do the bracket. I say this because if you don’t know how good basketball teams are then what is the point of doing the bracket. Because then you might get all of them wrong then you might be mad and throw a fit. All you have to do is watch a little more basketball.

I think the whole march madness will change if everyone watches basketball and does the bracket because then everyone will know how good the team is and who they lose against. That means that everyone would know who to pick and then that means there isn’t that much madness. I think that this would be successful because more people would want to know how basketball works because,then they can just sit on the couch and watch basketball with their kids.

The final four is the spot in the Tourney that will decide who is going to the championship game on April 3, 2017

Now that march madness is over and North Carolina beat Gonzaga 71-65 on Monday night to claim the school's sixth championship but arguably the sweetest -- the victory erasing what had been the lowest of NCAA tournament lows. It was so bad that Roy Williams said, "The feeling of inadequacy in that locker room was the worst I'd ever had.''Everyone will be talking about it in school at work and even in space. But i’m still not done because my brother picked Gonzaga to win. But that in morning my mom told Kipp that Gonzaga lost and he went crazy he threw his water bottle against the wall and I got wet. He got mad because the winner would get $20 and you also get to pick where to eat.

March Madness is fun but remember you have to watch your temper and what you do to other things in life. My best suggestion is that just watch a little basketball, then you know a little more. Justin Jackson delivered the go-ahead 3-point play and North Carolina scored the last eight points for a 71-65 win over Gonzaga and a title that heartbreakingly eluded the Tar Heels last year. The problem is that people get mad and make other living things do work for them. Like this game could have been a problem.

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