Slavery By: Mason B.


  • In the past slavery was a courent occurence and was not illegal and was everywere at the time.
  • In the past slavery was seen as right and just.
  • in the past slavery was seen as a job with no return.
  • Slavery usaly only involevd african americans who were striped from their homes.
  • Slavery was very common in the past and was also seen as economiclay well.
  • Happend in all countrys for the most part.


  • Now in the present slavery is illegal and not rightin todays society.
  • In the present slavery is no longer seen as just its seen as wrong and cruel.
  • Slavery involves people now returning the favor or working of debt that was illegal.
  • Slavery now consists of all types of people but they mainly involve human traficikg people and illegal imigrants.
  • Slavery now is seen as hurting the economy and is not commin usualy and usally very secrative.
  • Happens most often from 3rd world countries.


  • Has the same principals like beeing denine esential things for life like food,cloths,water, etc..
  • In every way wrong.
  • Basicaly being controled and being denied all rights.
  • Treatednot like humans.

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