Why we need a school uniform? By: ellie barnhart

School uniform help

A uniform is so helpful in many different ways. Most students don't want a school uniform because they dont like the idea of haveving to dress the same as everyone else. But they dont know the benefits of a school uniform would do.

Why a school uniforms would help

A school uniform would help with people feeling self-conscious about what they are wherein to school. Also study's show a conection with acodimic success and wherein a uniform to school.

The other sides argument

Most parents think that a school uniform is way to expensive and, for family's with financial problems it is hard to get a uniform. People who have a uniform most likely not to know how to dress appropriately for different occasions, like a job interview or an other important event.

What I want you to do

Whereing a school uniform to school will help with separating people by what they where, increase their test scores, and get better attendance to class. I want you to just think about the benefits of a school uniform, and not to directly shut down th idea of a school uniform. Also share the information you have learned with your parents and other people.


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