We can remove all the complex or expensive items in a space, but we can’t live without the signs. The signage system is an important element in every public space and with our Glasslam mirror, you can let it turn into something much more exciting.

GL39508C(XGB)EA [PS052467G]
GL39509C(XGB)EA [PS052467G]

Signs help to make it clear where you are and where you need to get to. For example, floor level or room numbers.

GL39510B(XGB)EA [PS052467G]
GL39511B(XGB)EA [PS052467G]
GL39254B(XG)EA [PS052467G]
GL39269B [PS051240G]
GL39249C [PS052467G]
GL39249A+GL800 [PS052467G]

Nowadays, signs are not just a direction, it is part of the styling and a feature of the interior. Different materials and colours combine to produce a different impression; creating a unique and personal product our customers.

"The journey is often more beautiful than the destination"