Aimie The story of romulus and remus.

A long time ago, there was a king who had a younger brother. He was jealous of his brother so killed him and his nephews. He also told his niece she could not have any children.

But Rhea didnt listen and fell in love with the Roman god or war,Mars. They had twin boys.

Rhea and mars with their babies.

The king was so angry, he told his servant to take them to the river tiber and drown them!

Ghe babies in a basket.

The servantdidnt want to kill them so he putthem inabasketand sent it downtheriver.

Then a she wolf fond. them

One day a shepard fond them took them to his wife and named them Romles and Remes

thay grow. Up to be shepard. thay met the. King shepard and had a fight Reymes got cort and. put in jail. but. Remes. Killed. the king

the pepel want Romles and Remes to be king but thay did want to be king of thay on city

Romlesn build his citey palin thim hill


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