St. Sebastian Patron saiNt of athletes

Saint Sebastian was born in Narbonne, France. We are not sure the exact date he was born. He died on January 20, 287 A.D in Rome, Italy. He was a martyr.
Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of many things. He is most commonly known for being the patron saint to atheletes. He is also the patron saint of pin-makers, archers, and soldiers. He is known to be a patron saint of athletes because he endured many attacks in his body and had a lot of physical strength. Saint Sebastian's feast day is celebrated on January 20.
Saint Sebastian was angry with the Emperor Diocletian's idea to persecute the Christians. He did not agree. He joined the army to help the Christians from within. When the emperor found out, he was so mad. His punishment was to be shot with arrows by archers. When they thought he was going to die they left him, but a widow nursed him back to health. He went to tell the emperor to stop him, but the emperor sent his men to beat Sebastian to death.
Nearly 80 years after his death, around 367, his remains were moved to a basilica in Rome, built by Pope Damasus I. After his death, a woman found his body and secretly buried it. In most art, he is depicted tied to a tree with arrows. He is almost never depicted as being beaten to death. Many atheletes all over the world wear pendants around their neck that say, "Saint Sebastian, pray for us." or "Saint Sebastian, protect this athlete."
Prayer: Please keep me and my teammates safe during our games. Please help us to play the best we can. Please help us to be able to celebrate a win, or mourn a loss together. Thank you. Amen.
I have neither given nor rececived unauthorized help on this work. Chloe Depenbrock

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