MoonVille Life is better floating

"Better views, more space, and less work"

Membership policy\community rules

1. Everyone must pay taxes

2. Anyone who speaks against me will be executed work school

5.moon rocks are used as currency

6.all work must be approved by me the king littering people over the age of 70

9. must have low iq

10. must spend an hour floating in space



The location i chose is the the moon because it is the planet other than earth best suited for human life.


10:00 wake up/get ready for the day

11:00- 12:00 eat lunch

12:00-5:00 do whatever you feel like

5:00-6:00 eat dinner

6:00-11:00 free time

11:00 go to bed

11:00-10:00 sleep

Type of Government

Moonville's government is a Monarchy because With a monarchy I can pass my power down to my family for generations to come my rulers. Would be me as the ling and my family and friends would fill the other positions.

Persuasive appeal

In my utopia there is much less people making a more desirable environment especially since the views are really good. Another reason why you should want to live in my Utopia is there is no more school and since everyone is less smart almost anyone can fit in. Also u get to float around in space which is super fun and relaxing. Also there is no work except just fending for yourself. In conclusion everyone wants to live in my utopia and you should to.

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