Agriculture feeding of the world.

in the first agricultural revolution men were the hunters while the women planted and gathered.This was changed from how we do things today because there was a lot more labor needed and not as easy as today. This occurred in the 10,000 BC when people were healthy because there was no chemicals in the food making the food bigger or more product to it.
In the second agriculture people started to use less people workers and start building new machines for it to be easier to grow crops and such. This happened from 1700 to the 1900 when people used horses and built machines. The changes that happened was less time to plant a field and less of a work force.
In the third agricultural revolution people started making bigger and better machines that used gas and diesel and you could have huge areas for farming with only little work force.This all happened from the 1900-Present.
GMO-genetically modified organisms. these are when scientist use chemicals or an enhancer to make the crop bigger or more portion with the crop. This can be a good and bad thing, good because it gives us more of portion for food and better size. It can be bad because we don't know what there putting in the food and the chemicals could be bad.

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