Swimming How dose swimming help your health?


Well how dose swimming help your health? Swimming is a total body workout, it works out your legs, your abs, and your arms. You don't need any fancy equipment you don't really need equipment at all and it is really refreshing. Swimming is a really good stress reliever and that is healthy in general. If you are not stress then you have a happier life. Swimming is therapeutic and you all ways need a way to calm down. Social, swimming can make you more social. Even though swimming is a individual sport you still cheer for each other and the more friends that you have the happier you are and if you are happy I makes a lot of people happy. Whalen you make new friends then you will have a lot of friends that do the samething. Even tho it is hard, and you feel tired you can notice the improvements in your body and your mind. Thank you for listening!!


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