The First Day of School The Fight...

We left the house, went out of the gate and shut it. Me and Audrey started walking to the bus stop where we got picked up last year, we waited about five minutes and then the bus came. Audrey walked ahead of me, and got into a seat that her friend from last year was sitting in. I heard laughter near the back of the bus, it sounded like a laughing hyena. I walked back and there was a girl sitting with what seemed to be her friend. I sat in the seat in front of the two girls and the laughter continued. They were talking about boys, which made me laugh, after all it was the first day of school. The girl that was laughing like a hyena was named Demi, and the girl beside her was named Sasha. Demi had dirty-blonde hair in a long pony tail, she had hazel eyes, and black and blue glasses. Sasha had blonde hair in the style of a pixie, she also had hazel eyes and blue glasses. They were quite tall, and one, Demi, was very loud, Sasha kept telling her to keep it down. She was laughing uncontrollably, and sounding like a hyena. Sasha stood up and said "Hi I'm Sasha, whats your name?" I replied with a quiet voice "My name is John." then Demi stood up, even taller than Sasha. "Hi I'm Demi, its nice to meet you." The girls looked at each other again and started laughing, with Demi sounding like a hyena. "What's so funny?" I asked, Demi replied "nothing just stupidly funny stories from last year." "Oh okay." I said. Then someone said "Shut-up Demi you're being annoying!". Demi yelled back, quite loudly I might add "You couldn't make me if you put all your friends up against me!" Then Demi stood up, and so did Tyson. "WANNA BET!!!" Tyson yelled. "MATTER OF FACT I DO!!!!" Demi roared back. "alright, meet me at the court, three O' five." he said. "We get out at two fifty-five, so I will have ten minutes to get ready." she said to Sasha. "I will go cheer you on." Sasha said back. I turned around and asked "So why doesn't Tyson like you?". "Well basically, I punched his teeth out in third grade." She said grinning "Yep, but they were baby teeth and weren't loose, well 'til she punched them out." Sasha said. We finally got too school, and I got my list of classes. first period is ELA (english language arts), then came math, and science,lunch, P.E., social studies, art, and tech. Tech felt like forever, I kept looking at the clock, waiting for it to turn too two fifty-five, it was three minutes away from school being out, the teacher FINALLY said to put away our chromebooks. By the time they were all put away, the clock turned to two fifty-five. I grabbed my binder and ran out of the room and to my locker. I ran to the basketball court and waited, Demi and Sasha, arrived first, Tyson, Kolby, and Corbin got to the court a few minutes later. They waited till three O' five and then Corbin said loudly "Alright it is three O' five, so it's... TIME TO START!!!" Demi stood up and walked over to the back of the basketball key, Tyson jogged to the front, Tyson with a prideful and arrogant smirk on his face and Demi popping her knuckles. "Hey John do you mind starting the fight?" said Sasha "Yeah I guess." I said back. I walked over to the middle of the key and yelled "START!!!" Tyson charged at Demi, who dodged, she shoved her elbow into his back, and he fell forward. Demi smirked at him, as he yelped in pain, he slid to a stop he lunged forward and punched her in the shoulder, hard, she groaned, and turned around and kicked him in the shin, and he fell, Demi lifted Tyson up and dropped him (Tyson is very small). He got up and darted to the side of the court. Demi stood still, then looked at Sasha. Sasha looked at Tyson, and asked if he wanted to forfeit. He walked out of the court without saying a word, his friends followed Demi jogged over too me and Sasha. "well guess you win, huh." I said. "Yeah?" Sasha said right after. "Guess so." Demi said smiling, "NICE TRY!!!!" She yelled at Tyson. Tyson kept walking, Corbin looked back and waved at us. "Wonder why Corbin did that?" Demi said, "Ha, probably doesn't want any trouble from us!" Sasha said, laughing. Corbin is in my ELA class a very good reader, and is good at writing. He is also in my math class, so is Sasha, and Demi is in my science class. I met up with my sister on the way home we, started talking about homework, which got boring so I started a conversation, on why there were so many airplanes flying by. She said it was most likely because they were practicing, in case of a real situation, I said aliens. We finally got home, I really wish we would have taken my mum up on that offer for ice cream, it was blazing hot, especially in jeans. We got to the gate, opened then closed it and went inside only to find ice cream cones in the freezer."-Thanks mum."


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