Bowling for Columbine directed by michael moore

In the documentary film, "Bowling for Columbine" we see director Michael Moore travel to many places in the United States. The reason for his traveling is because he wants to see the gun policies and laws in different states. The film also talks about a horrible incident that happened on April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. Another incident that happened in Michigan was also mentioned in the film. While Michael talked about guns, he also showed how easy it was to get a gun in some states. You can just walk into a store and get one but they have to do a background check first so they know they're not giving a gun to someone who was involved in crime before. People who can get guns easily make them feel like they have the power to do anything just because they have a gun. This is one of the main reasons why so many people die from getting shot. The people who have guns keep it to protect themselves but sometimes use it in unnecessary situations.

Michael Moore purchasing bullets for a gun from an employee at a store.

Like mentioned earlier, an incident happened at a high school back in 1999. Two teenagers had a couple of guns with them. Before the incident occurred at the school, both teens went to their morning class of bowling in their town. Soon after when they arrived back at the school, they shot up almost 20 kids in the school's cafeteria. Many other kids were injuring either in their neck, back, hands, legs, or arms. Both teenagers committed suicide and shot themselves in the head and mouth before police arrived at the scene. Both were 17 years old and were graduating that year. It was never mentioned as to why they killed these innocent students.

Eric Harris (Left) and Dylan Klebold (Middle) senior pictures. Harris and Klebold 11 minutes before their suicides.

Michael Moore has tried to talk to a few celebrities about their opinions on guns. Michael tried to reach Dick Clark but he did not want to talk to him so he quickly scurried off in his car because he did not want to be bothered. Michael successfully gets to talk to Marilyn Manson about his concerns on the certain statements that were made about him. Marilyn was often blamed for the reasons of why teenagers were so obsessed with guns. They blamed him mostly because of his looks and his music because it is not something or someone you see or hear everyday.

"I definitely can see why they would pick me. Because I think it's easy to throw my face on TV. Because in the end, I'm a poster boy for fear. I represent what everyone is afraid of, because I do and say what I want."
Marilyn Manson in "Bowling for Columbine"

During the film, another incident was brought up that happened at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan on February 29, 2000. Kayla Rolland was only six years old when she was fatally shot by classmate Dedrick Darnell Owens. The shooting happened inside the school in a stairwell before he was taken into police custody. Dedrick got the gun from his uncles house and decided to bring it to school. Owens was known as the youngest school shooter in the world. Owens was never taken into custody because of his age at the time. Owens is still out there now.

Kayla Rolland (left) and Dedrick Darnell Owens (right).

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