Selection of Las Sendas' Landscape Maintenance Contractor An overview of the purpose and process


The selection was made by the Board of Directors at the June 25 Board meeting; however, many others helped draft the scope of work, evaluate the proposals and make a recommendation to the Board:

  • The Landscape Committee – 7 Las Sendas residents passionate about the community's landscape, with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge.
  • Board Liaison - One Board member who is not a member of the Landscape Committee participated in the evaluation process every step of the way and had a vote to help the Committee decide which contractor(s) to recommend to the Board for selection.
  • Management - Several members of our management team provided leadership direction, in-the-field insights, and coordination throughout the process. Management also provided their feedback during the evaluation process, but none were voting members.

Landscape Committee Charter - Scope

As directed by the Board, participate with Management in the development and evaluation of any Request for Proposals (RFP) and contract specifications related to landscape services.

Why Was a Landscape Maintenance RFP Issued?

Due Diligence: LSCA has had same contractor and contract for 12 years

Compliance and Performance: Some major landscape issues identified by Landscape Committee (LC)

Reset Approach and Expectations: Landscaping approach and contract needed to be revisited and enhanced (e.g., new SOW)

Cost /Benefit Analysis: Evaluate cost effectiveness of different approaches than currently in place


Landscape Attractiveness & Design: Increase the attractiveness and maintenance of high-profile areas

Proactive: A partner who will bring issues and recommendations to the attention of Management and the Landscape Committee

Communications: Stellar communication with management, the Board and residents

Irrigation System: Improved irrigation system documentation and effective water management

Turf Management: Improved turf quality

Tree Management: Proper trimming practices and improved irrigation monitoring to reduce the loss of trees

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Experience with Comparable Communities
  2. Perceived Value of Contractor to LSCA
  3. References and Site Visit Ratings
  4. Strength of Business
  5. Overall Quality & Content of Proposal

Plus, criteria specific to grounds maintenance, turf care and tree trimming

Consideration of Separate Contractors

  • The LC considered the benefits of having three different contractors to cover three individual areas: Grounds, Turf, and Trees
  • The RFP asked for individual cost bids for each area.
  • Sent RFP to 10 Companies including one turf-only contractor and two tree care (arborist) contractors; 9 responded
  • Ultimately, the LC concluded that grounds maintenance and turf maintenance should be maintained by the same contractor
  • The LC concluded that trees could be a separate contractor; however, review of the bids showed there was no cost advantage to having a separate tree trimming contractor.
  • A single contractor would enhance accountability, eliminate potential conflicts and improve coordination between landscape contractor and tree trimming contractor, help with tree management coordination and facilitate irrigation coordination.

Key Dates

  • Late 2019: Board authorized the Landscape Committee to begin the RFP process
  • Feb 25: BOD reviewed and approved the proposed Request for Proposal and Scopes of Work
  • March 1: RFP issued
  • April 14: Nine proposals received
  • June 22: Landscape Committee delivered their evaluation results and recommendation to Board of Directors
  • June 25: The Board of Directors approved Proposals for Landscape Maintenance and Tree Trimming


The Committee visited a total of 16 sites to view the quality of work for the four finalists.

Reference checks were performed for the four finalists.

3+ References for each contractor

Over 20 questions were asked of each manager reference.

  • Proactive Recommendation
  • Communication & Reporting
  • Attention to Detail
  • Recommendations for cost reduction
  • Management of irrigation system
  • Management of water usage
  • Quality of maintenance work
  • Quality of turf management
  • Quality of tree trimming
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Turn-over
See video below to learn more about ProQual Landscaping

The Expected Benefits of Selecting ProQual

  • Reduced water usage via Smart controllers & localized weather stations
  • Irrigation system assessment completed within 60 days
  • Detailed mapping of our irrigation system
  • More proactive recommendations for enhancing landscaping; including design
  • Enhanced landscaping at high profile areas
  • More timely attention to the details within the community
  • Improved Turf conditions, especially at Trailhead and BMP
  • Improved Tree Trimming (less over-trimming, species-specific cycles defined)
  • Improved communications with Management, residents, Landscape Committee and Board

Special Thanks to the Landscape Committee

Jeff Brugos - Chair

Frank Pabian

Don Pike

Greg Gorrie

David Camp

Anthony Cagle

Lisa Smith

and Tony Reid - Board Liaison

Created By
Las Sendas Community Association


Created with images by: Karen Raahauge, LSCA Resident; Don Pike, LSCA Resident; Frankie Lopez - "Sunset popping through the saguaro. "; Christoph von Gellhorn - "Saguaro National Park"; Benigno Hoyuela - "untitled image"; Nicolas Moscarda - "Sunrise in joshua tree national park a mystical and quiet place."