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We are a non-profit organization founded in 2015 aiming to make a positive and lasting change with different target groups through playback theatre and vocal improvisation but also by giving musical performances, several workshops and even social travels.

You can contact us for workshops, a single workshop or on a longer term, performances a.s.o. sarahavci@palhikmana.org

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is an innovative and reinforcing project for and with socially vulnerable women from the Brussels-Capital Region. The women are coached and trained in a low-threshold way through techniques and methods of playback theatre to players and game leaders.

Playback Theatre was founded in 1975 by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas from New York, USA, and is practiced worldwide. It is theatre based on personal experiences from the audience. This may concern everyday events, but also large (life) stories, eg resilience / violence (domestic violence, honor-related violence), radicalization, migration, racism, social abuse, refugees, human trafficking, tsunami, war victims, etc.

It is improvisational theatre. All scenes are created on the spot. The game leader (conductor) invites the audience to tell a personal experience. The players (not necessarily professionals) bring it directly into the picture and use various forms of play.

Playback theatre is a form of communication and therefore very suitable for creating a dialogue between different generations, cultures ... eg: mothers who play back stories of their daughters, or vice versa. Or immigrant women play stories from native seniors ...

Playback theatre is an experience that connects people and communities. Looking at played back stories together gives acknowledgement, recognition, understanding and more mutual openness and togetherness. Both players and audiences see their own behavior and that of others from a new perspective. It makes the invisible visible and abstract themes concrete, sensitive topics negotiable, etc ... It is an exciting form of creative expression, which contributes to community formation and personal transformation. It connects individuals and groups with each other and creates a deeper sense of community formation. It can also be used for the treatment of people with trauma on an individual level and in relation to their environment.

It is a fundamental need of people to tell (personal) stories and to share with each other. Already in our early childhood we are fascinated by listening to and telling stories: big or small, dramatic or trivial, interesting or boring. We use these stories not only to share our experiences, but also to improve our interpretation and understanding. Telling stories helps us to give meaning to the world in which we live. We learn to deal with everyday and unusual experiences. Usually stories are composed of a series of events, and these become important and memorable for us if something unexpected happens. Such surprises often change the expected course of actions and events into something that could not be anticipated, resulting in strong feelings and emotions. This is also evident in this form of improvisational theatre.

Playback theatre honors and connects stories of individuals and communities with each other and confirms the dignity of personal experiences, brings individuals and communities closer together by helping them to see their common humanity, and enables people to see their lives on numerous of new ways. It is at the same time artistic, healing, community-forming and visionary! This is a unique tool for target groups to achieve a lasting change.

Through this project, dialogue becomes a 'verb', with which bridges are made between different communities and organizations to promote a harmonious intercultural society. It can thus be an example for Brussels (and perhaps even other cities) and achieve a multiplier effect.

Coach: Sarah Avci

Vocal Improvisation Workshops

Do you love singing and do you already have some experience with improvising or is improvising still a bridge too far? Come and make new discoveries what is possible with your unique voice.

In this series of workshops you will learn structures to improvise with your voice, to discover your own creativity and develop and gain confidence in your voice and improvisation.

Many aspects are covered in each workshop as rhythm, harmony, functioning and feeling good in a group, various forms in which can be improvised, develop listening and singing at the same time, become familiar with the use of your voice in combination with your body and create compositions on the spot.

About the coach and vocal improvisation: As a double bassplayer with a jazz-education and more than 30 years experience in many different music styles, he has always had improvisational skills in music. In 2010 en 2011 he came in contact with vocal improvisation through the masterclass of Rhiannon “All the way in”, a year of intensive training continued in 2014 in Hawaii. This had an enormous healing effect and changed his life in a positive way. Also Bob Stoloff gave him an enormous boost to discover the possibilities of the human voice in improvising. These rich experiences he wants to share with you in his workshops.

Vocal workshop in Chennai India

Coach: Henk de Laat

Project Mother Tongues

Pakhik Mana vzw has set up a low-threshold project to promote reading for socially vulnerable women from disadvantaged neighborhoods in Brussels-Capital Region. The project is part of the broader working of Palhik Mana, in which we work on the empowerment and self-reliance of women through expression and creative projects. We do this, for example, through a project around playback theatre. In that project the women tell life stories to each other. This happens without a script: it is improvisational theater and the lyrics are not written out.

In this project 'Mother Tongues' we put those stories on paper.

We will start with existing texts for this project. We will read them together - in group - and we also want to meet some of the authors. Then the women get to work with their own stories, on paper or through other forms of storytelling.

Coach: Sarah Avci

Palhik Mana is a mythical figure (Kachina) in the culture of the Hopi Indians that we visited in 2010. We were privileged to be part of a Palhik Mana ceremony with singing and dancing where in principle no outsiders may be present. This has left a deep impression on us.

Palhik Mana also called Butterfly Maiden, rules over the spring. She is the goddess of fertility that brings transformation and a new start in life. She pollutes the world with our inner strength and she makes our dreams come true. She is a creative force and a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. All concepts that the non-profit organization stands for.

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