My Experience at the Good Life Tour of the Harn Farah ALZAATARI

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

I have been to the Harn Museum many times, and I always like going to the pottery section. I like how all the artists have different ways of how they sculpt out their pottery and make them each unique. I liked the shape of the stoneware. The name of the art piece is Vessel, which by looking at it, you can see how it seems like it is holding greenish stones in it. It seems the artist Ogawa Machiko took a long time to carve the stone and made an extra interior in it for it to hold something. The greenish stones were the ones that struck me the most because it felt without them the artwork would not be complete. It made me feel complete because of how the title named Vessel means that it is an empty container or object, but there was something filled in it.

Artwork is called Ogawa by OGAWA Machiko (b.1946)

Design of the Museum

The design of the Harn Museum is already beautiful. The best part that I liked about the design was the outside areas. The garden that they have is absolutely beautiful, and it is like a breather from being inside for some time. It helps refresh your mind to look at more artwork. I really liked this artwork. There wasn't a lot of things that was happening in this area of the Museum, so it made it stand out more. It seems to have an African feeling to it. There was no none artist of this piece, but whoever made it seemed to have put a lot of thought into it. Even though this artwork was not near anything, it still felt like it fit in the Museum. It seemed like it was placed there for a reason, and it is trying to get you to think of why it was placed in that area. It was a very large artwork, which made me feel small, not just in height, but as a person. It seemed to have an importance to it.

Art and Core Values

The artwork that I picked for this was called Sheep Wranglers by Justine Kurland. It is a photograph, which I think can make it have a deeper meaning to it. Justine was trying to photograph a world of adolescent girls that were set free, and they didn't have a masculine command telling them want to do. It was considered to be a "girl world". It made me think of how sometimes a man world can corrupt even the most innocent. The girls in the photo seemed to have no care in the world, and were free to be who they want to be without anyone judging or telling them what to do. I felt the emotion desire when looking at this photograph. I wanted to be able to live like that. I want to be able to have no one telling me what to do or what path to follow. I don't want to be corrupted by the world. I just want to be simple and free.

Artwork: Sheep Wranglers by Justine Kurland (2001)

Art and the Good Life

The artwork that I picked is Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1 by Rineke Dijkstra. She wanted to convey a message of issues with individual and group identity formation. There is a girl posed in the picture showing how she posed in a specific way, but it shows how she is self-conscious, and trying to appear "natural". We all want to find a way to fit with others, so we change our looks, mannerisms, the way we talk, and other ways just so we are able to fit in a certain group. I feel like the theme that would go with this acceptance. When you are able to accept yourself for who you are, not what others what you to be you will be able to achieve the Good Life. Even though the girl is self-conscious now she will grow up and start accepting herself for who she is, and will find people that will include her in their group and try not to change her. This theme can relate to a lot of people, since people are still trying to accept who they are. This photograph is like a reflection of you in a way.

Artwork: Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1 by Rineke Dijkstra (2000)

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