The Guild Maxwell G. Westby

This is the Guild's offical website where we announce any upcoming or current gaming events. From all things Pokemon to First Person Shooter tournaments, the guild covers it all. At the Guild we have the computer lab rented out for the use of solid gaming. We have many games such as: League of Legends, Smite, CS:GO, King of the Kill, and many more. We exist for the sole purpose of bringing people together who play video games.

Two of the companies that have created some of the beloved games are shown above

The Guild will have an occasional tournament that will be funded by the members in hopes that they will win the grand prize. It will consist of multiple games and will be a point based best of 5 for every game.

One of the many brackets that will be used for the tournaments

The Guild is a fun family friendly environment for any and all high schoolers as long as they maintain grades of C's or higher. We at the guild are willing to also partake in helping struggling students bring their grades up so that they can join the Guild or some other extra curricular activity after school. The Guild is filled with plenty of kind-hearted individuals who are willing to help to the extent of their abilities and to make sure they succeed.

A general shape of what the membership cards will look like

• We have associated ourselves with the local Gamestop and they have agreed to give anyone with a “The Guild” membership pass a 15 percent discount on any purchases made at their establishment.

• Membership pass

• 15 Percent discount

• Free entrance to the tournaments

We will also have days where we will watch live streams and playbacks of professional gaming in separate rooms. many of which will come and go with the seasons of the Professional gaming.

The President of The Guild- Maxwell Westby
A poll taken of people who would play video games at Buena High School


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