Casita On The Hill Designed and built by KLM Design Build

The Design


Original Idea For Home

This home was designed for someone near and dear to our hearts at KLM. Our son, and designer, Kyle, and his girlfriend Alex, will be embarking on their journey as homeowners with this build!

The design of the home was meant to be in the vein of Modern Farmhouse from the beginning. However, as happens with many farmhouse's we design, it is impossible to build them in many subdivisons due to the high masonry requirements that stem from Mediterranean style homes.

Not to be deterred, we changed the exterior of the home to be made of 100 percent stucco and stone to create a Stucco Farmhouse.

Final Design of the Home

Although the image that is stuck in most people's heads when they think of "Modern Farmhouse". is loads of board and batten siding, this is not the only thing that distinguishes a farmhouse. Modern Farmhouse style as we would define it today consists of stark contrasts between dark windows and a light exterior color, little to no overhangs, high pitched roofs, and hints of rustic interior design selections. Also to further add precedence for stucco on a farmhouse home is the fact that this is quite common for French Farmhouses to be stucco in nature.


The layout of this home is designed to maximize the use of space while allowing VAST amounts of light in (Alex wants ALL the light). This was achieved by having a 2 story tall living area with large windows and a 12ft sliding glass door. We also decided to introduce floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen to allow light in. While this may seem to take up valuable cabinet space, the fact of the matter is that normally corner cabinets are fairly useless so the cabinets lost with the windows are recovered in the cabinet runs on the side walls.

Kyle loves to work on his old truck so pretty much his only requirement was that there was an oversized garage. While it's not a three car garage, there will be plenty of room for activities here!

For the Second Floor they wanted to keep with the large windows and light feeling throughout. However as with all homes, there is a budget, so they opted to keep the big windows in their bedroom and just go for the minimum amount in the other bedrooms.

We decided to put all the bedrooms over the garage so that when they have kids, their footsteps will only be heard in the garage, thus negating one of the many complaints about 2 story homes. Since all rooms were upstairs they also opted to have the laundry room upstairs as carrying loads of laundry up and down did not sound enticing!

All of the rooms are fairly small (upstairs is only 1200 sqft. and 4 bedrooms) so we made the decision to vault all bedrooms to give a big sense of space to rooms that would otherwise feel cramped. Bed 3 is meant to be an office for Kyle and Alex, but it retains a small closet so that it can be sold as a 4 bedroom home if they decide to move one day.

Renderings by KLM Design Build

The Build


The Land

The most important, and boring, part of any house is it's foundation. We try any time possible to save trees, so with this home we only cleared trees where the home would actually be built. Once we located the home, the crew started putting up boards to form the shape of the foundation

Form Boards Up and Filled

Once the forms are filled it's now time for the plumber and electrician to get in and do their thing. This means running all water and sewage pipes to the lower bathrooms and center island in the kitchen. The only thing the electrician has to do at this stage is run power to the island and locate any floor plugs required by the client.

Unfortunately in building, especially in Texas, rain can be an unpredictable nuisance. It proceeded to rain for 2 months straight at this point and halted all progress on the build. The result after the rain stopped was us having to dig out all the beams due to the mud that had washed in.

As a side note we recommend moving extremely quickly in the early stages of the project. Rain is so unpredictable that you cannot guarantee a work day tomorrow unless you have a roof on the house. Once it is installed rain can no longer effect the project and things can proceed as normal. Alas, Mother Nature beat us to that point on this project.

Once all the beams were dug out, and the cables were put in, we were finally cleared to pour. At 5am the concrete and pump trucks showed up and the work began.

Let me say that the guys that do this are pros and have clearly been doing it a while because it ran like a well oiled machine. They had the slab poured and done before daylight broke.


The first fun part of the build for most clients is framing, when they can see their future home actually coming to life. The crew starts by popping chalk lines on the ground to tell them where to put up walls and then in no time your house is almost done! In a week it went from the picture above, to what you see below.

One Week of Framing

That's all for now! Be sure to check back for updates and visit klmdesignbuild.com for our other build blogs!

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