Character log

Lennies dream is to have a ranch on a farm and wants to have a lot of rabbits with his best friend George "I want to tend the rabbits" "I want a brown and white rabbit"

Not smart

Is a follower

Loves soft things

Always listens to George

Wants a ranch

George dream is to also have a ranch with lennie."we're going too have a little house and a couple of acres.""we'll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens


Controls lennie


Hard working

Curlerys wife's dream is to be in the theater."I want to be on the theater.""I know a man who can make that happen"

A flirt

Only women on ranch

Doesn't love Curley that much


Curleys dream is to be big and strong."curley jumps a big guy an licks him""curleys pretty handy"


Son of ranch owner

Doesn't like tall people

Hates lennie

Candy dream is to be need and live with George and lennie"they'll can me party soon""I won't have no place to go" "they'll can party me to"


One handed

Had old dog killed

Want to be with lennie and George on farm


Slims dream is to have peace on the farm "slim looked through George and beyond him "the jerk line skinner"





Prince of field

Crooks dream is to be treated equally "They don't let me play cuz I'm black" "a guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody

Crooked back


Got kicked by horse



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