We had a fabulous time during sports week. We tried so many different activities. Just to make it extra special, the sun shone all week!

We have been very lucky that a mammy from Africa brought us some food to try. She made chicken stew and rice then donuts for dessert. Delicious
This week Reception have been food tasting from the different countries we have been learning about. We tried sushi from Japan, blinis from Russia, couscous from Senegal and sweet breads from Poland.

Then we ate them and had a drink of juice.

We made jam and lemon curd sandwiches.

The fun continued outside when we played with the hoops and skips. We are getting to be fabulous with them now!

We had party food for our lunch in the dinner hall.

We played pin the crown on the princess.
We had great fun using the royal wedding selfie props.

They know it so well they have now rewritten it.

Reception have been reading and acting out the story of Handa's Surprise.

We have been having fun with the parachute. We have been working together, listening and talking to each other, making choices and learning from what happens.

The children have been practising different body movements and following instructions in P.E.

We talked about the different ways we could travel to watch the World Cup. The children decided they wanted a train to travel in.

Reception are enjoying playing in football matches of their own. Table football that is!

We have been looking at Russian food and making it in our cafe.

We have been looking at flags of some of the countries taking part in the 2018 World Cup. We found we could make the flags of Russia, Poland and England using Duplo blocks.

Reception watched, waited and recorded what they could see as the dinosaur egg hatched

We got a baby stegosaurus!

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