Logan Shaw Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration By Logan Shaw

Light Energy

Light energy is energy that comes from light. An example of something that produces light energy is the sun.


The earth is 71% water. It is all around us. It helps keep us alive. It also helps keeps plants alive by a process called photosynthesis. The water is combined with light energy and carbon dioxide or co2 and food for the plant to eat.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a an essential part to photosynthesis becuase it is the begginiNg to the equation. It is produced when Animals breath out.
Photosenthesis is when the suns rays, carbon dioxide, and water are taken in and rearranged to form glucose and oxygen.


The definition of stoma is a pore found in the epidermis of leaves. The opening from the pore allows nutrients to be taken in a pushed out by the plant.

The plant is pushing out water from its leaves


These organelles are responsible for making photosynthesis possible. They take in sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water and turn that into stored glucose and oxygen. Whithout chloroplasts, plants wouldn't survive.


Chlorophyll s closely spaced green pigments responsible for coloring the plant green


Glucose is sugar that is made and is used in cellular respiration.

Cellular respiration is where glucose and oxygen are taken in and produce carbon dioxide, atp, and water.


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