My Town By:Vicky pAvlova

Artist Statement

Why did I pick the theme My Town? I really love the place where I live, otherwise I wouldn't live here. I´ve lived here my whole life and still explore new things in town. I’ve also picked this topic because it´s a modern theme and you can find super cool stuff in Vancouver downtown.

Black and White Technique
Lines Technique
Color Physiology


Victoria Anna Pavlova was born December 31, 2000 in Vancouver WA. She is a 10th grader at Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School. Victoria's wants to become a Physical Therapist, but still don't really know what she really wants to do. Vicky's current favorite hobby is photography. Another interest of Victoria's is doing makeup. Also Vicky has a dream to go and explore Europe.

Victoria is from a family of four siblings, three older brothers and her the youngest and only girl. Victoria doesn't really know anything about her ancestors, because her great-grandpa was an orphan. While her great grandma is from Poland. Also her other great grandparents are German and Jewish, overall she has many different cultures in her family. Victoria really loves her family and is really proud to be a part of it. Vicky's family is also full of Doctors and creative people. Victoria says that her family really influences her, by all of her family members but especially her grandpa. He was and still is a huge inspiration and role model to her. Also he was the one who's life influenced her become some sort of a doctor. Later on, Vicky really got interested in photography. She, would take pictures everywhere and anything that interests her. Then when she took Photo 1 at school, she got even more interested, that here are so many techniques so many different ways to take picture. Victoria believes that just the fact that you can capture a moment of life is amazing and so cool!

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