Our Manor 23-27 November 2020

Message from the Principal

This week has seen the start of the trial exam period for students who we hope will take their GCSE, A Level and vocational examinations next summer. We continue to say hope, but are also aware that although there has been minimal disruption so far this academic year for our students, nationally the picture is very variable.

Having said this, I have been hugely impressed with the mature and committed way in which our students have approached these trial exams. The experience from last year and uncertainty around next summer has served to concentrate the mind! We are very mindful that the grades achieved now may be part of the picture if there is any unforeseen disruption to the exam series.

In other news related to COVID, to increase the amount of time students have in PE and dance, further reduce the number of students in changing rooms, and increase the capacity for cleaning elsewhere, we are going to trial a new system between Tuesday 1 December and the end of term. This will require students to come to school in their PE/dance kit on the days they have those subjects and remain in that kit for the duration of the day. If the weather is inclement there will still be changing facilities available or lessons will take place in their allocated classroom. Please help us by watching the forecast and bringing a change of clothes (uniform or PE kit) in case we get caught in the rain!

Throughout the school, students continue to respond phenomenally well to the expectations we are asking them to meet. They are stepping up to meet the demands of school both in terms of following the guidance and their academic progress, whilst the conditions outside of our gates are so alien to us. I hope you’ll join me in congratulating them.

We are busily preparing for the Christmas period and although our end of term celebrations will inevitably be pared back this year, we are still looking for ways in which we can come together (perhaps virtually) as a school community to celebrate all we have achieved this year.

Finally, today we say goodbye to two members of staff. Pastoral Support Officer Antonella Gubitosa is leaving us in order to follow her chosen career path in charity work. You will also read later in this newsletter of the retirement of the remarkable Marian Durrant who leaves us after over 30 years! We invited Marian in for a special surprise that will ensure her legacy lives on at Manor for many years to come. We send Marian our best wishes from the whole school community.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Our Manor.

Jay Davenport, Principal

Performing Arts department

In true Performing Arts fashion, we have put together a short video introducing you to what we offer students in dance, drama and music.

Melissa Barron, Curriculum Lead for Performing Arts

PE and Dance update

We are constantly updating our procedures to ensure we continue to keep students safe. From Tuesday 1 December, students are to wear their PE kit for the whole day when they have PE or Dance lessons. This will be in place for the final three weeks of the school term.

Northamptonshire Sport Active Advent

Available from Monday 30 November, NSport are inviting schools and families to download and take part in their Active Advent Calendar during the countdown to Christmas.

The Active Advent Calendar contains a whole range of different physical and creative challenges lasting between 30 seconds and 15 minutes. All of the activities are provided as a guide but can be adapted to suit the space and equipment available and number of people taking part.

There is also the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher in their Christmas Prize Draw. All you need to do is take a picture of your child/family completing one of the 24 Active Advent challenges and activities and share it on Twitter or Facebook using #NsportActiveAdvent.

Click the following link for more information:

Free astronomy course

At Manor School we take pride in developing our REACH characteristics, and as part of the local community it only seems right that we also offer the chance the develop these beyond the school. Therefore via the Open University I invite you develop your curiosity by joining a free of charge 8-week course on astronomy, including working with an autonomous telescope based in Tenerife! This is something you could do yourself, with your child, or as a family. The course is suitable for anyone over 13, though over-11s will be able to participate when with an adult. The course can be accessed via the link below – who knows how far this first step could take you?!

Glenn Turner, Director of Learning (Science)

Manor Maths Challenges

There's been a great response so far to Mrs Radd's maths challenges blog. Click the following link for this week's edition.

Manor says goodbye to one of our longest serving members of staff

After over 30 years of service at Manor School, Marian Durrant retired from her role within the catering team during the school closure earlier this year. In recognition of her time at the school, the kitchen area of the staff room has now been named "Cafe Marian", where she served tea and coffee to staff during their morning break.

Marian was invited back to the school this week to see the new sign. She was also presented with cards and gifts from both Mr Davenport and the school's catering manager on behalf of the school staff. Marian spoke about how many of her relatives have attended Manor School, including her parents in the 1930s. She has been a much-loved member of the school community and will be sorely missed by all.

We wish her all the best in her retirement.

Marian and the new staff room sign in her honour

The Key Stage 3 Award is presented to...

Alannah D

Alannah works consistently hard, putting in a concerted effort, and is always focused in computer science. An excellent start to the year, well done.

Awarded by Mrs Reece

The Key Stage 4 Award is presented to...

Jasmine W

Jasmine has made a fantastic start to the BTEC DIT course and has produced some amazing, independent work based on graphical user interfaces for her assignment.

Awarded by Mr Rohit and Mrs Wilford

The Key Stage 5 Award is presented to...

Mitchell W

Michell has made an impressive start to the Year 12 course, including excellent outcomes in programming tasks. He was also commended on his contribution to the lesson during a recent learning walk by Miss Collier.

Awarded by Mrs Reece and Mr Bateman

The Key Stage 3 Award is presented to...

Florin S

Having joined our class halfway through September, Florin has worked considerably hard and shown resilience to excel in French. He has demonstrated excellence not only in his positive attitude, but also his verbal contributions and written work. He asks insightful questions and applies his knowledge of learning a foreign language to our lessons, which allows him to tackle the more challenging tasks independently. I always enjoy our discussions at the end of class where Florin shows his curiosity about how the French language works, as well as challenging me as a MFL teacher by teaching me some Romanian.

Awarded by Miss Newman

The Key Stage 4 Award is presented to...

Alexander W

Alexander strives to perform at his best and his contributions in class are, without exception, of an excellent standard. When self-isolating, Alexander was proactive in seeking advice on work to be completed.

Awarded by Mrs Thompson

The Key Stage 5 Award is presented to...

Liberty W

Liberty has engaged positively with the demands of language learning at A Level. She has produced various extended pieces of writing based on research which she has undertaken independently on current affairs in the Spanish speaking world which is helping her to prepare thoroughly for her A Level speaking examination. She has shown curiosity and resilience as she takes the time to understand her mistakes and learn from them and asks questions to further develop her knowledge and understanding which will ultimately lead to great success in languages.

Awarded by Mrs Donovan

Weekly REACH Champions