Climate Change is an issue that is affecting us today


Bright green: Convergence of technological change and social innovation that will bring success in development sustainability.

Buoys: A floating object to show hazard

Greenhouse gas emissions: any gas that goes to the atmosphere that contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Migration: The movement of a person or animal from one place to another.

Public-Private Partnerships: A collaboration between one or more public and private sectors.

Radically: a better way to say “ in the extreme way”.

Subsiding: Constantly going down

World Leaders: Are the chiefs of state and cabinet members of foreign governments.

Q: What are some causes of climate change?

There are many causes as to why there is an increase in climate change. Though there are many causes one could argue that humans aren’t one of the many contributors of climate change; however, some people strongly agree that humans are a cause. In fact, 75% of the earth’s temperature rise was due to human impact ,states, Dr. Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University. Furthermore, If this carries on, then many humans will continue to be a major contributor to climate change. Therefore, humans will need to help to stop contributing so much to climate change. Nevertheless, there are many things that we do that make its way to the atmosphere one could say that china is also a cause of the increase in climate change. Qihao He, a professor at Pennsylvania State University, states, China is a place with the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and if this continues we will need to slow down their production of goods before it continues to affect the country.

Q: What places are being greatly affected?

Since when climate change started to become a problem in the 1990s there were many places that were being greatly affected. Not only local regions were being affected by climate change, but many other nations around the world. As a matter of fact, studies found that between Africa, the middle east, and Syria. Syria had a greater percentage of having droughts due to climate change, states, Eunize Lao, an environmental scientist. Not to mention, if climate change continues to be an issue, then it will further cause damage to many nations. Therefore, we need make plans to help nations that are being radically affected by climate change. Notably, not only nations are being greatly affected by climate change, but also many other environments. In particular, from an article by Gale Student in Resources in Context, states, “ While only 1 to 2 percent of all fires ever reach the level of a megafire, this type of wildfire is responsible for about 95 percent of all acres burned in the United States. Biologists believe that this form of wildfire is likely to increase as the effects of climate change become more pronounced.” If climate change continues to increase, then Wildfires will become a greater issue than it is. Therefore, we need to slow down climate change so it does not greatly affect the environments that we are protecting.

Q: How is it affecting people today?

From 2008 to 2014, there were about 26.4 million people who were forced out of their homes by floods, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters, states, Sewell Chan, a Metropolitan. Climate change has become an issue that many people do not see is happening. In addition, in an interview by Mark Landler and Coral Davenport, Reporters from New York Times, Ex-President Barack Obama, states, climate change is a slow moving day-to-day crisis that is happening to people without them knowing. If this continues, then people will never be aware of the possible threats that climate change could offer. Therefore, climate change will continue to affect the daily lives of people. With this in mind, there are other government officials that believe that climate change isn’t an issue. In detail, our new president doesn’t believe in climate change and this can affect the paris agreement on climate change. This will lead to a monopoly on nations and world leaders to leave the agreement, which will make climate change into a bigger issue in the future.

Q: What are some conflicts that are happening because of climate change?

There are many conflicts that are rising out due to climate change. Notably, ones that are affecting the government and the environment. In an article by Sewell Chan, a Metropolitan, states that, “ The two-week United Nations climate conference outside Paris that drew to an end on Saturday focused on many of the physical dangers associated with climate change: extreme weather, severe drought, the warming of oceans, rain forest destruction and disruptions to the food supply.” If climate change keeps causing many disruptions across the world, then it will continue to affect the environment. Therefore, every nation should understand that climate change is no little issue. In addition, it will continue to affect the economy of every country. Qihao he, a scholar and law student, states,” It is quite plausible that damages resulting from climate change might mount as high as $1 trillion annually by 2040.” This will increase the national debt of many nations meaning that the country will continue to be in debt as long as they don’t try to do anything against climate change.

Q: What are or have people been doing to decrease climate change?

When we see today's situations about climate change, there are many things people have been doing to help lower climate change. To begin, in an article by Natalia Rachlin, a journalist, states,” The trade fair, which will showcase the latest solutions to climate change, takes its name from the term "bright green," which was coined in 2003 by Alex Steffen. ” Some people have noticed that climate change is a big issue that people couldn’t turn their head from. Thus, Alex Steffen stepped up to create the trade fair for ways to slow down climate change. Not only did Alex Steffen noticed that we needed to do something about climate change, but also many other nations. Sewell Chan, a Metropolitan, states, “ The Paris climate accord, adopted on Saturday, calls for developing recommendations ‘to avert, minimize and address displacement related to the adverse impacts of climate change.’” This is an agreement that may nations agreed upon to limit the effects of climate change. This would also be another way that will slow down the effects that climate change is bringing. Therefore, making it a way that people are doing against climate change.

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