Technology In Daily Life A photo journal of sorts by Jason Ashley

The smartphone

As I start my day, I check my phone, connected to the internet, for some information on the events that occurred while I was asleep. I then choose a podcast and set it up so that I may listen to it on my 20 mile trip to school. The smartphone combines many different innovations into one product. It essentially acts as a miniature computer with a touchscreen for an input. This device has quickly become an important one in the modern world. As a result of this device, I am more connected and informed about events in the world than was almost ever previously possible.

Motor Vehicles

This length of this trip would take quite some time to travel on foot. Fortunately, using my 2000 Chevy Impala, I can travel the distance in just over 25 minutes. The personal vehicle has had a huge impact in how people travel. It permitted those who wanted to work in the city to move many miles away into less crowded suburbs and people living in more rural areas, such as myself, to attend a school further away.

Windshield Wipers

That morning was a bit rainy, so I turned on the windshield wipers once I stepped into my vehicle so as to clear off the windshield. These small pieces of technology are designed to last quite some time and effectively clear a windshield of any debris or particulate that builds up on the clear glass of the windshield. It greatly improves the safety of the motor vehicle and allows it to be used in many different kinds of weather.

Radio, Air Conditioning, and Vehicle instrumentation

I turn on the air conditioner and start the podcast and get on my way. I watch the instrument panels to ensure the vehicle is running properly and I am traveling at a safe speed. The radio, initially a device for informing listeners to new events while entertaining them, has shifted to become a more entertainment-centric device now. The air conditioning improves the comfort in the vehicle at all times of the year, keeping the interior cool as the warm summer months approach. The vehicle instrumentation acts as a safety system of sorts, ensuring I and the vehicle are doing our best to not harm ourselves or the people around us.


The sidewalk is always there for me, catching me when I fall. It is a simple safety tool often taken for granted. In this particular case, it also serves a great aesthetic purpose. With the modern version being developed over time as pathways began growing more permanent and solid, they separate vehicles and pedestrians while guiding those easily lost.


It is soon time to do some math. I use my calculator to do even the simplest of calculations. This picture is in black and white to highlight the sadness of the lack of ability to do simple arithmetic (and to mask some pretty ugly acne). Several different technologies exist within the calculator, but the most important might be the Arithmetic Logic Unit within its CPU. The ALU serves as the actual calculator for the calculator, solving math problems as they are broken up into understandable segments for it.

Computer and peripherals

I spend some time using the computer to do some school work and browse many different websites. The keyboard and mouse allow me to interact with the computer, using the screen to look at the visualizations of my actions. Each one combines many years of development on their technologies. Just on the computers motherboard alone, there are many different components. For instance, the CPU is on the motherboard. The CPU itself contains millions of transistors, if not more, that make simple boolean decisions. The input, sound, and video processing also all go through this board to some extent. These items have become quite a symbol for technology over just the past two decades. With connection to the internet, these devices provide near limitless access to information and entertainment media.

Zippers and Insulated containers

Eventually, it is time for lunch. Despite it having been several hours since I prepared it, my sandwich is still cold thanks to the zippers and insulation designed to keep the temperature as low as possible within the lunch bag. Not only do these technologies make for a better meal, but they have helped preserve foods, reducing waste, and allowing people to carry otherwise perishable foods places previously impossible.

Pen, pencil, and notebook paper

With lunch over, I return to my studies, using both pen and paper to write answers to questions. Each one constitutes the development of a ridiculous manufacturing process and years of development. For instance, the pencil, going back to Ancient Rome, was a metal stylus of sorts for marking tablets. Over time, it has changed quite a bit. Inside a piece of wood sits a strip of graphite that will mark a piece of paper. On one end, you can write with it. On the other, you may erase your mistakes. Though simple, the pencil has greatly shaped my life, especially in education.

The watch

Throughout the day, I carefully watch my watch for the time when I can finally head home. Though it may appear simple, as many of the previous objects, it has had many years of development behind it leading to the digital watch many now carry on themselves. Once using gears to move small hands, many watches now focus on displaying the current time on a small screen.

The refrigerator

It's been a long day, so I get some food out of the refrigerator once I get home. This piece of technology was developed to keep food cold, preserving it. Less excess food goes to waste as a result of this appliance removing the warm air from inside itself and cooling the foods inside.

The microwave

After getting my food out of the refrigerator, I decide to heat it up a bit. Once it is in, I patiently await for it to be the perfect temperature to eat. Regardless of how carefully I watch, the middle of the food always ends up being terribly cold and the outside burning hot. This piece of technology quickly warms foods by exciting the water molecules inside of the food, preparing whole meals within seconds in some cases. The future is now!

All in all, though it is often dismissed due to just how prolific it is, technology has had a huge impact on my life. It would be hard to imagine a world without people who were inspired to create things to better their lives and the lives of others, creating these many marvelous artifacts.


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