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I'm trying to be adventurous when it comes to the classes offered at AdobeEdEx. 3D Design isn't really in my wheel house and I don't think it will be implemented into my teaching, but it looked fun and I was curious. I was surprised that the course centered on Adobe Dimension. I had attempted to use that program in the past as a way to try and work environments and props in my drawings (spoiler alert, I didn't get very far in this). I'll be interested in what I can do after this course.

Week 1 Class Notes

  • 3D Design always translated to me as model making and sculptures, so it was interesting to discover that this class covered digital models and Adobe Dimension.
  • "Visualization is the practice of creating images or diagrams to illustrate concepts and ideas that are hard to describe using words alone; it’s an idea that’s been used for centuries in the form of drawings and diagrams." -3D Visualization is the modern form of that practice.
  • Adobe Dimension creates 3d mockups for design projects.
  • Decals is short for ‘Decalcomania’ which is something I did not know before! Trivia knowledge acquired!

Week 1 Assignment: 3d Visualization

We were suppose to put together around 3 products with decals in an arrangement. I came up with the business "Death Before Decaf Coffee Co" which is a slight inside joke for me because I only drink decaf. My slogan would be, "You'll sleep when you're dead!" I have an obsession with skulls and coffee, this seems like a merger of my two favorite things. For the logo/decal, I used a skull drawing of mine that had some smoke/steam coming out from it. I tried to emulate a little of a Starbucks feel by throwing it in a circle, then adding a flat design of a coffee cup/coffin shape (lol, so clever) behind it. For a simpler logo, I just left the skull and circle for the coffee cups in order to not be redundant.

My logo for my fake business, "Death Before Decaf Coffee Co"
placing my products. I did an 8oz cup, a 16oz cup, and a coffee bag

Week 2 Class Notes

  • Adding and learning about things like lighting and environments!
  • There's a great Behance board for Dimension inspiration.
  • Need to make sure to use the match image feature in order to get the objects to match the ground plan of the image you are using for the setting.

Week 2 Assignment: Fully Rendered 3D Visualizations

I had a hard time trying to not jump ahead on week one to get to this part. I really wanted to see what the products would look like finished and in a cafe setting! Finally I got to see that project to fruition.


Some critiques were given to make the logo on the coffee bag larger, so I went and did another rendered image with those changes in mind. If I worked on this project more, I would consider text that would be more visible on the products.

"final" version... are they ever really final?

Final Thoughts!

I like the course, it was short and sweet and easy to learn about the program. I did wish there was a third week that advanced what we learned, but I suppose I could play around with it on my own. I'm excited to see how I might work this program in the future!

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