Solar Panels By: Jack O'Malley

Solar Panels have the ability to generate energy from the sun

Commonly used methods to produce energy have hazardous effects on the environments and is a leading cause of global warming.

It is up to every person to try to make a difference

Solar Panels have the ability to save users money buy cutting the cost of their utility bill
Created By
Jack O'Malley


Created with images by kateausburn - "Solar Panels in Maules Creek" • bradleygee - "a solar something or other" • Paul J Everett - "Nuclear Power Plant Michigan City" • Unsplash - "life beauty scene" • AmberAvalona - "ant hill cracked earth ground" • DonkeyHotey - "Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster" • Cooperweb - "Money" • OregonDOT - "Solar panels"

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