Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week ending january 27, 2017

Important Dates

Catholic Schools Week

Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2017

School Science Fair

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 6P.M. - 7P.M.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Please bring friends and help spread the word about our awesome school!

No School Presidents' Day

Monday, February 20, 2017

No school Winter Break

February 21-24 2017

Catholic Academy's 5th Annual Science Fair and Art Exhibit

CAS STar wars open house

Spaghetti Dinner

Yearbook Order Form

The 2016-2017 Yearbook is now available for pre-order!!! Please find attached the order form for your use or swing by the Office to pick up a hard copy order form. Please pay special attention to the order by date. All orders before March 17th will be $25.00; after March 17th, yearbook orders go up to $50.00 each.

4th-8th Graders

Interested in joining Swimming or Track?

Saint Francis High School will be hosting the swim meet on Friday, March 24th at 4pm. If you are interested in representing CAS this year, please email me.

The track meet will be heald at Saint Francis High School on Staurday, April 29th at 2pm. If interested email me and I will add the interested students to the CAS track team.

Fees: None

Thank you,

Andrew Terry

Save the date !

CAS Auction Fundraiser will be on March 18th!

A Letter from the Principal

'Tis the season of readying ourselves for the next school year. Financial Aid is available from multiple sources for families of Catholic Academy students in grade K-8 in 2017-2018 who demonstrate a financial need. Because we know that living in the Silicon Valley is not inexpensive for any family, I would strongly encourage all families to apply for financial aid to see if there might be funding available to help support your tuition costs. Please see the process information below.

Please note: we have changed from the PSAS system of data collection to FACTS Grant & Aid for 2017-2018.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will be conducting the financial need analysis for Catholic Academy for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Families applying for financial aid will need to complete an application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment by 3/1/17.

To apply for financial aid, visit

Once an online application has been completed, the following information will need to be sent to FACTS to complete the application process:

Copies of your most recent Federal tax forms including all supporting tax schedules.

Copies of your most recent W-2 forms for both you and your spouse.

Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Workers’ Compensation, and TANF.

All supporting documentation can be uploaded in pdf format online.

Documentation can also be faxed to 866-315-9264 or mailed to the address below. Please be sure to include the applicant ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

P.O. Box 82524

Lincoln, NE 68501-2524

If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 866-441-4637.

Two additional notes:

1) No financial aid is available at this time for students in the preschool program.

2) This same process is the one that new families and/or families whose oldest student is entering K for 2017-18.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. I will be happy to answer questions and/or find out anything you might need to know regarding the process.

Warm Regards,

Susan Morrissey



We have had an exciting week in Toddlers. We had a visit from Lieutenant Colonel Brian Finnerty. He talked to us about being a pilot. The children were really impressed that he helps fight fires too! They got to try on flight helmets and color a really cool picture of a HH-60G Pavehawk helicopter.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Mr. Michael Johnson. He talked to us about being a florist. The children loved helping Mr. Johnson make a beautiful floral arrangement that is currently on display in the preschool classroom.

We have also been preparing for Chinese New Year. We have been painting a dragon and making lanterns. Please stay tuned next week to see the wonderful pictures from our parade this Friday!


Excitement filled the air as we prepared for the Chinese/lunar New Year. The children worked on a Giant Dragon which they used for the parade. The cultural experience has exposed them to the history, traditions and language and awareness of diversity at a young age. It is more than just a "Happy New Year".


This week in kindergarten, students began working with learning about maps. They identified and named the 7 continents with partners, and then created balloon globes!

First grade

Grade 1 students are busy reinforcing their Spelling skills this week. As we prepare to close another Language Arts unit this week, the class has made frequent visits to the Word Wall. We also worked in teams and held a friendly competition, helping our classmates study challenging words such as multiple-syllable, digraphs, and homophones. We are Spelling Superstars!

second grade

One of the challenging topics in Math that is barely introduced is the Plotting and Identifying Points. And guess what, the second-graders handled the sample problem so well, they did not need another day of explanation. They went directly to the enrichment. And, they aced it, as well. Keep it up !

third grade

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy New Year! This week Third and Fourth Grade students at CAS received specials blessings and treats from their friends from Bieging. Jordan, Lucy, and Ethan presented a slide-show on celebrating Chinese New Year in authentic Chinese style. After watching the beautiful photos, each student received a gift bag with gold and silver “good luck “ Chinese coins. Students then shared in a popular Chinese craft, paper cutting using beautiful red and gold embossed paper. Now they just need to go home and clean their rooms to be ready for good luck and good fortune.

fourth grade

This week the fourth grade class was very fortunate to have our visitors from China celebrate Chinese New Year with us. Lucy, Jordan, and Ethan shared a brief presentation about the history and tradition behind Chinese New Year. They shared small money pouches with money to each student. Afterwards, the third and fourth grade had the opportunity to use red paper to do paper cutting which traditionally is hung in windows.

fifth grade

This week in 5th grade Coding, the students were introduced to using "functions". They wrote a code to create a snowflake and then used functions to create multiple patterns. Main goal was to illustrate how repetitive tasks can be stored in a small group that can be "called" several times, instead of wasting space with lots of copies of the same instruction.

In Robotics, they worked in teams to make an iMovie to describe their Ambient light intensity project

SIXTH grade

This week the 6th-grade science class has started to collect data to provide evidence for how the motions and complex interactions of air masses results in changes in weather conditions. This will lead to a deeper understand of weather fronts and how the Earth distributes atmospheric energy to create larger storms such as hurricanes and tornado's.

Seventh grade

The 7th & 8th grade art apprentices finished up their artwork on the civil rights movement. The artwork was as powerful as their presentations on why and how they created their piece. 7th grader, Bianca Cantos, created a piece of art that represents that "Love knows no limit." The artwork supports the LGBTQ community.

Madison Oliva, Calista Orquiola, and Leann Bast, from 8th grade decided to create a diorama model, it represents a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit. The trio created a scene that represents a timeline of protests, from the civil rights movement to the recent women's march. They wanted to show communities fighting for their rights. For example, racism, war, global warming, and unemployment.

Nicole Korinetz from 8th grade, was inspired by artwork from1960s, and she found Picasso-like figures, filled with many colors, and began drawing people, with lighting changing the color of what they look like. The reason she chose to do that style of art was to help show that color and appearances shouldn't matter, but what’s inside and the people's personal values. She wanted to show that media and rumors cast a view of certain people that can be very negative; stereotypes have only made relationships worse throughout history. Her artwork shows that anyone can be anything, from purples to blues to even bright yellows and reds. That is what she wanted her artwork to signify.

eighth grade

In preparation for our visit from award-winning author Francisco Jiminez, the students are busy immersing themselves into his autobiography, The Circuit. One of Mr. Jiminez's short stories tells of his infant brother's scare with illness. Along with seeking medical attention, the family embraced the power of prayer. We were all quite relieved when we learned that the child was cured. Afterwards, the students put on their lab coats and investigated the little child's symptoms in search of a diagnosis. It will be very interesting to see what each of our future doctors submit as their Argument and Reasoning.


Now that the new year has past and we are back into our swing of things I'd just like to remind our families of a few simple housekeeping rules we have for PE. Please insure that your child arrives in appropriate PE uniform (shorts/sweats, t-shirt/sweatshirt), black athletic shoes with strong emphasis on tied laces or velcro laces as significant class-time is lost re-tying them time after time. Water bottles to save class-time going to the water faucet and an exercise mat to reduce high joint impact with our gym floor. During this rainy season some of our exercises have to be adjusted to being exclusively indoors.

With all that said, this week we added more ankle muscle/joint development to our stretches and cardio-workouts as well as some tactical targeting in our football unit. These football fundamentals included adding side-steps, high-knee skips, and short sprints to our workout and having our 'sports' time emphasize defensive coverage and receivers in motion forcing the our 'QB' throwers to predict running lead times and distances to make the accurate toss. As a reminder for our concerned families, to prevent any injuries we always use NERF style balls. Our football unit has been developed to create an appreciation for the nuances of the sport and to be inclusive at all levels and ages for boys and girls.


This Saturday is Chinese New Year. The 2017 is rooster year (雞年 jī nián). The students learned four vocabularies this week. The words are "紅包 hóng bāo," "春聯 chūn lián," "恭喜發財 gōng xǐ fā cái," and "波浪鼓 bō làng gǔ." About the Chinese culture, the students learned what the spring couplets (春聯 chūn lián) are and why the Chinese people paste the spring couplets on the door. The couplets are generally written on red paper and the sentences contain auspicious meanings. On the other hand, the red envelope (紅包 hóng bāo) is gift presented at social and family gatherings such as weddings or on holidays such as the Chinese New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits. White is the color reserved for death in Chinese culture. Chinese drum (波浪鼓 bō làng gǔ) is very traditional toy to the Chinese kids. 恭喜發財 gōng xǐ fā cái means that may you be prosperous.

Happy Chinese New Year!! 新年快樂!! xīn nián kuài lè


On our first full week back of the new year it has been good to return to some of our regular routines of art activities, indoor and outdoor games, and other fun past-times in our Extended Care. Projects like popcorn 'cherry-blossom' trees, blueberry pancakes, and watching our classmates play in basketball tournaments in our gym. With this recent break in the weather, our children got some bonus sunshine benefits of the field and playground to burn up that excess energy that comes with childhood. Please remember that toys, and other items from home should not come with your child from day to day, however, if a child is currently reading a favorite book, they are more than welcome to bring that to our Extended Care program to enjoy on their time. Do you have any favorite activities or past-times at home that you would like to share after-school? Just let Mr. Lee and Mrs. Placencia know and maybe we could arrange a project day for you. Have a great weekend.

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