BOURBON LEGENDS London gatwick march 2017

Display was reproduced extremely well with textures of the wood coming through and surface mounted lettering adding a premium touch.

Barrel glorifiers came out well although missed the top one with a bottle!

All product looked good on shelf with all packs working well together

The miss is on taste takeaways. None of the segmentations matched the product placement. Talking with the store staff the planogram is set by the store and this wasn't aligned with installation

Also a major price promo on Jim Beam 1L for £11 makes the selling proposition for the higher marks much harder, especially with the type of traveller in LGW.

Recipe frames worked well and added an extra touch point to enhance the experience.

The iPads dropped into the book device provided a nice interactive element. Unless this was pointed out though it could be missed. A build could be to include the video in a frame on the wall to help draw people in.
The promotional offer was hidden behind the grain props and so not really that obvious to consumers
With the focus on Maker's I can see the reason for having this legend story featured front and centre however this space could have been used to communicate the promotion and maybe the video content.
I do think featuring all 3 stories would have given the concept more context and this would have been a great place to do it, under the stories header. I'm sure we have pressure from the store on maximising product on shelf however education with so many products can be just as important.

Overall a very visually impatctful activation. Bringing through the brands in a more pronounced way with logos, segmentation and the legend stories would help give more context.

Thanks - Tim.

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