Genetics By: Layne kiefer

Definitions: Heredity is traits you get from your parents. Genetics is the study of heredity. DNA is the building block that decides who you are (they make proteins). Genes are a specific segment of DNA that makes a protein. Proteins are small pieces of your body that make cells. Chromosomes are really long strands of DNA, you have 23 pairs in your body. A mutation is a typo in DNA, it affects how the proteins are made and are sometimes good or bad but most of the time they are indifferent. A dominant trait is a trait in your DNA that overrules other traits. Recessive traits are traits in your DNA that are overruled by other traits. Sexual reproduction is reproduction with another partner, offspring get traits from both parents. Asexual reproduction is reproduction by yourself, offspring are genetic clones of you.

Here is how heredity works. Your grandparents give your parents a trait, like brown eyes. The trait goes to your parents and then, since brown eyes are a dominant trait you will most likely get brown eyes. If your grandparents eyes were blue instead of brown it is still likely that you will have brown eyes because blue eyes are a recessive trait, which means they are easily overruled by dominant traits, like brown eyes.
DNA is made up of 4 chemicals which are the colored rungs in this picture. The chemicals are Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine. Most people refer to these by the first letter in the chemicals name, A, T, C, and G. The chemicals always pair in this order A to T, T to A, G to C, and C to G. Sometimes dna has a mistake in the pairs which causes mutations and causes the protein the dna codes for turn out different then expected
This mutation is possible but not likely. For this mutation to happen someone would have to use CRISPR so that the bird would grow fur on its head and so it would grow a lion head. This is unlikely because CRISPR can only be done by humans and there would be no benefit to humans for making a bird with a lion head.


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