Phosphorus Baby book

Name: Phosphorus

Nickname: P

Birth date: 1669

Race: Non metal

Birth weight: 30.97376 amu

Birth height: 15

Family name: Nitrogen family- nitrogen, arsenic, antimony and bismuth

Obstetrician: Hennig Brand, who prepared it for urine. Brand called the substance he had discovered 'cold fire' because it was luminous, glowing in the dark

Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany. Obtained from a phosphate rock.

Acrostic poem about phosphorus:

P: p is its symbol

H: Henning Brand found phosphorus

O: on the non metal side of the periodic table

S: solid when at room temperature

P: point of boiling is 280.5°c

H: highly reactive

O: origin of name- from the Greek word phosphoros meaning bringer of light

R: red or white is its two major colours

U: urine is what phosphorus was prepared for

S: strikes Safety matches

Gender: Solid

Perosonalitly: boiling point- 280.5°C, density- white: 1.823 g·cm−3, red: ≈ 2.2–2.34 g·cm−3, violet: 2.36 g·cm−3, black: 2.69 g/cm3, melting point- 44.2°C

DNA: They include fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine . For example, the reaction between phosphorus and chlorine is: Phosphorus also combines with metals to form compounds known as phosphides: White phosphorus combines with oxygen so easily that it catches fire automatically.

Picture of element:

Family portrait:





Brothers and sisters: N7, As33, Sb51, Bi83

Career: matches, explosives, nerve agents, fireworks, pesticides, toothpaste and detergents


  • It is sometimes referred to as the "Devil's Element," because it was the thirteenth element discovered and because of its explosive properties
  • Typical phosphorus is a waxy white solid
  • Pure phosphorus is colorless
  • Around half of the world's phosphorus reserves are found in the Middle East
  • Touching white phosphorus can cause severe burns


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