Bengal Tigers By gabriel packard

Bengal Tigers dwell in tropical jungles, brush, marsh lands, and tall grasslands in fragmented areas of Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Burma.
Bengal tigers hunt medium to large prey such as pigs, deer, antelopes, and buffalo but with no predators it could eat pretty much whatever.
The size of a male tiger can range up to 3 m (10 ft.), female to 2.7 m (9 ft.). The weight of a male can be up to 225 kg (500 lb.), female to 135 kg (300 lb.);
The Tiger is the largest existing member of the cat family out of the 36 different cats that are in the cat family (including domestic cat as one specimen.
The tiger is a very adaptable creature living in several varieties of climate including harsh tundra and warm wet jungles. In the case of a flood the tiger would move to a more habitable area where it would have to grow shorter fur or longer fur depending on the situation of the new environment and after many years the tiger would natural select a perfectly adapted tiger. another disaster that the tiger faces every day is the constant pursuit of poachers hunting them for their teeth, fur and claws which has recently decimated there population


the Bengal tiger evolved from the first cats being the saber tooth etc. the Bengal tiger was passed down very good traits due to how long they have been on this earth. The alleles from some of those old, old saber tooth ancestors are still in the tigers we see today

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