It all started when...

I signed up to give up a workshop on Brand Storytelling at the largest Entrepreneurship event in Cairo, the Rise Up Summit in 2016. It was my first- ever experience in designing the content and format for an educational workshop about Storytelling, but I loved everything about it.


I felt there was so much enthusiasm for the topic, and everyone left the experience with a renewed energy to re-imagine their own brand story.

18.213 is excited to launch something new.

What is it all About?

The Story-Tell Your Brand is a unique platform created by 18.213 to inspire Entrepreneurs to look at their businesses as a STORY.

If your Brand is going to stand out in a highly noisy marketplace, then you have to become comfortable at creating authentic stories that align with how your customers FEEL.

Connect Your Brand to an Emotion

Brands need to have the courage to share a narrative that is authentic, human and is rooted in an emotional connection, instead of focusing their attention on the number of followers and fans they have on social media.

So What's Next?

We are excited to offer you the First Storytelling RETREAT for Women Entrepreneurs, that combines an immersive learning experience with wellness activities that replenish the soul.

I called it the “Story-Tell Your Brand” Retreat

My innate passion for Storytelling inspired the creation of 18.213, which is an experiential launchpad for Egyptian brands that have PURPOSE.

I have been honoured to create some exceptional Brand Stories by Women Entrepreneurs that have a vision to create IMPACT.

The positive feedback I received from my work, gave me the courage to launch a unique blueprint for an experiential retreat.


Remember that moment when you felt like giving up on your business?

You just wanted to shut everything down, because it felt too hard.

Your self-doubt, fear and the looming feeling of failure made it all seem like a huge waste of time, money and energy.

The PASSION you once had that woke you up at 3 am, seems to have been replaced by a constant state of exhaustion and lack of energy.

But, not too long ago, YOU had decided to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

If you think back on what it was that sparked your idea, it was your PURPOSE,

It was your WHY .....

The most powerful way you can connect with your customers is by sharing your purpose.


Our STORY-TELL RETREAT has been designed for Women Entrepreneurs that are stuck in moving their brand forward. They are in desperate need for inspiration and a fresh perspective on how their PURPOSE can be re-energized through a STORY.

For 3 days, you will escape to a peaceful haven that is only one hour drive from Cairo. Ardi Dahshour, is an exclusive private venue that is surrounded by lush Palm Trees, the sound of migrating birds and the stunning panoramic view of the Bent Pyramid. The Retreat experience will give your body, mind and soul, TIME to slow down.

You will breathe, create and share.

And, as you find your CLARITY, your STORY will unfold.

The majestic palm trees of our retreat venue "Ardi" in Dahshour
Sahar El Arishy Founder of 18.213 & Story-Tell Your Brand

My dream is to inspire entrepreneurs to embrace their story through engaging with a community of like- minded business women that believe in the creative energy that happens when they get together in a circle and share.

The Power of Story-Telling

I will teach you how to "Story-Tell" your Brand by applying my personal model of instruction that is highly interactive and fun. It will breakdown the overwhelming task of building your narrative in simple, easy- to -understand steps. It will show you how your Story can be expressed through different channels.

Storytelling isn't only about words.

My interactive teaching approach will integrate motivational games, exercises and case studies so you can grasp the concepts with ease. The Retreat is honoured to be inviting select women guest entrepreneurs to inspire you with their own stories of success and what they learned through their personal journey. By listening to not only their triumphs but more importantly their failures, you will embrace the courage to give your own challenges a voice.

Finding your Story will give you a competitive edge


`If you want your ideal customer to connect to your BRAND and feel something profound, then a compelling story will always win over flat statistics or mediocre product features.

Here are just a few highlights of what a BRAND STORY can achieve for you.

  • Inspires more engaging and compelling customer experiences
  • Draws customers into understanding the purpose of your brand
  • Humanises your brand and makes it relatable
  • Persuades customers to stop thinking analytically and inspires empathy and connection.
  • Differentiates your competitive advantage to the market
  • Motivates your customers to take action

Who is the Audience?

Egyptian women entrepreneurs that have small to medium sized businesses that cover any industry, but feel they have reached a dead end and have lost the motivation, determination and confidence to turn their brand around.

What do they Care About?

They care about learning how to transform their brand messaging in a way that evokes an emotional connection with their ideal customer.

As women entrepreneurs we have always had an innate need to share our story with each other, especially when things get uncertain. And, when we start to doubt our ability to succeed.

When is it HAPPENING?

The Story-Tell Your Brand Retreat is from December 7th at 9.30 am to December 9th at 4.00 pm.

Where is the Venue?

Just one hour away from the chaos and stress of Cairo, lies a place called ARDI Dahsour, a private property that has been built to be environmentally sustainable and harmonious in how it was designed. Not one Palm was removed from the land to build this exceptional residence.

"Ardi is an experience, it gives a person what they need. For some, a place to chill, and for others it's a place that challenges their perception and helps them reassess their lives," explains Shereen Malak, the Owner and Founder of Ardi Dahshour.

9 Exclusive Guest Rooms

ARDI Dahshour is all about its positive energy and just simply feeling good. As soon as you step through the gate, you get the sensation that you are in a beautiful spa, surrounded by endless Palms. The property accommodates 9 spacious guest rooms that are tastefully designed to preserve the authenticity of the landscape and instantly makes you feel right at home.

Venue Perks

  • Pool
  • Yoga Dome
  • Prayer Dome
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Spacious living room and Library
  • Fireplace
  • Clay oven for fresh bread and pizza making
  • Outdoor work station
  • Terrace for sunset gazing
  • Hammock for reading
  • Fresh organic vegetable garden

Wholesome Menus

ARDI Dahsour offers its guests a season-inspired menu of delicious meals that use real, unrefined, pesticide free ingredients that are healing and nourishing for your body, mind and soul.

Your energy will feel instantly revitalised and renewed

Get balanced from Within

But, effective learning can only happen if you take the time to be STILL and find your inner balance. We start our day at the "Story-Tell Your Brand" Retreat with a unique blend of gentle yoga classes and soothing meditation led by our favourite yoga instructor Ohoud Saad from " Bindu by Ohoud". She will help you connect to your inner self and teach you how to breathe.

As you nourish your inner soul and connect with other women's stories, you will be energized to elevate your brand differently.

You will reawaken your PASSION

Mosaic Art Therapy

We are lucky to have Amal Akhnoukh, the Founder of Dahshour's Mosaic Community project share with us her creative workshop on Contemporary Mosaic Art. Amal will help unleash the artist within you and immerse your senses into a state of mindfulness and relaxation.

Make Your Own

Creating a Vision Board for how you see your Story is an important part of the journey, each Woman Entrepreneur will have the chance to express her brand visually whilst listening to inspiring music in the beautiful grounds of ARDI.

How Much is Your Investment?

SINGLE ROOM ALL INCLUSIVE - 4,500 LE (first come first serve)

DOUBLE ROOM ALL INCLUSIVE - 4,000 LE ( shared with someone else)


" Sahar El Arishy's concept of digging deep in the Story behind the product emphasising it's credibility, was so inspiring for me. In attending her Storytelling workshop at Rise Up, it was a real eye opener. I can still remember vividly the collective brainstorming on the Story of an Egyptian iconic product Bisco Misr and how she helped us all connect back to what the brand made us feel, I still remember the whole experience after one whole year. She succeeded to engage all our senses and enable us to understand how important emotions are in how we experience the world around us. I can still recall a Christmas Tree Sahar had brought with her to the workshop that she had created for one of her events and how she shared an incredible Story about how she came up with the idea. Her talent and passion in teaching the importance of authenticity in launching any brand can be summed up by what she said " Own the Story.. feel the emotion behind it and just love what you do". Sally Hegazy Entrepreneur

" Coming from a technical background such as software development, I knew so little about the importance and impact of having a real personal story attached to my newly-created Startup. In her Brand Storytelling workshop, with hands-on exercises, Sahar shed some light on the power of Storytelling in growing any type of business with examples that I was able to relate to easily." Mohamed Hussein Java and PHP Software Developer

" It was a great pleasure attending Sahar's Brand Storytelling workshop, I learned a great deal about storytelling and product branding and at the same time had a lot of fun in a very pleasant atmosphere with a great group of participants. Thank you very much Sahar for this great experience and all the best in future endeavours". Mohamed Zaghloul, Managing Director Computer Consulting and Supplies

" Last year while attending Rise Up I decided to attend Sahar's Brand Storytelling workshop it was a lovely experience and it started by her defining what a Story is and showing it by giving examples of the stories she created for her different clients through 18.213. She did it in her own unique, smooth and authentic way and ended up creating an interactive circle of all the attendees where we worked on creating imaginary stories for 2 Egyptian brands. It helped us connect to Storytelling and it got us inspired. Looking forward to the next workshop". Hanaa Nagy, Operations Manager and Partner at Art Cafe


The Story-Tell Retreat is limited to only 12 participants so we can ensure the experience is personal, effective and has value.

Please press the button and it will take you to our website where you will find the Application Form.

Any Applications after NOVEMBER 15th will not be reviewed.


If you have any questions

HOURS: Sunday - Thursday ( 10 am - 5 pm)

0127 2228824


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