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Ramen, with your goddess hair noodles

You come with a variety of flavors

From a warm bowl of spice to a sweetness so nice

Some cheaper than others

But all taste yummy to me

Easy to prepare as a meal for just one

Wait a few minutes and the cooking is all done

Your broth like a sea

Your culture so rich and easily accessible

Wouldn't it be nice if I added some vegetables?

Your warmth travels to my face

Your savory soup slithers down my throat

If I touched you alone it might burn my skin

But with my mighty chopsticks, the eating can begin

You are the soup the whole world can enjoy

My Garden

Dirt on my old jeans

Tilling my garden for spring

Nature make it rain

A Taste of Home

Through the door I walk

Mom cooking in the kitchen

Warm smells bring me home

The World of Sound

Taking in the noise

Some are sad and some bring joy

Overwhelmed by song


Jocelyn, my dearest friend of God

She sings so well that people applaud

She is very polite

And she'll never pick fights

Her awesomeness makes other kids nod


Shall I compare thee to a winter’s night

Thou art more cruel and shallow with one's heart

Harsh words of yours are what cause kids such fright

Your unkindness is a true work of art

There is no light shining from within you

Feeling your cool, I put you out to thaw

Whatever you've said, it's never been true

Don't take this lightly, thou hath ugly flaws

Potential arises when we embrace

I feel a warmth from my hand on your back

I want nothing more than to touch your face

The saying is true, opposites attract

Take me by the hand and never stray

I know that you loved me during your stay...

My Purple Shirt

Ode to my favorite purple shirt

You shout to me in the morning to put you on

You fit finely over my figure

This close up picture does no justice

Your insides are like a cloud

Your fabric purrs on my skin

If there were a competition between my shirts, you would win

Other people buy you because they want to fit in

You weren't cheap and your fabric isn't thin

My favorite color is in your design

And that is why I'm glad to call you mine

I take extra good care of you in the wash

Because if you came out discolored my spirit would be squashed

I love you so much I could sing you a song

It'll only take a minute, not too long

It's only in gratitude, Is that so wrong?

Prom dress

Searching for prom dresses is a mess

I never thought that I'd find the dress

It was the find of mine

In this dress so divine

And I truly believe that I'm blessed

Makeup Skills at 0%

Makeup has never been my forte

Maybe I'll put it on right one day

I can't contour my face

Without changing my race

I'm "decent" is the most I can say

Created By
August Ricker

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