Nailer by andrew vecchia


"We're just flies on garbage to people like that" this is a quote from Nailer that mean compared to nita he is really poor and saying he is like a fly on garbage is another way of saying that.

Song Now Playing

I think a song nailer would listen to would be "light grenades" by Incubus because it is a very intense kind of like Nailer he is a very active kid that raids ships for a job and that is pretty intense

About me

Hi,I'm Nailer I am a 15 year old year old boy that has a really trashy life. I barely have any food because I'm poor and I am mainly poor because I raid ships for a living which as it sounds isn't the easiest job. One other reason my life kind of stinks is because I only have a dad that gets drunk and high all the time because my mom died when I was younger

My Latest Blog Entry

Hey guys Nailer here with another blog for you guys and today we will be talking about when I got stuck in oil. So this is how it started I was scavenging a ship and my cord gave out and I fell into oil but I didn't know it was oil at first . I was moving and trying to swim out but then I realized I was swimming in money ,it was oil. Then I got scared because u can't swim in oil. Although I was scared I thought if I could get out with some of the oil I could make a lot of money . Then sloth showed up and I asked for help and she stood there debating if she wanted to help and she decided not to and left me there to die. But then I thought they must have a door underneath , so I dove under and found a door with a wheel lock so I went back up and thought should I even try? Then sloth came again and I asked again and she still didn't help me. Then I said mine as well try it's the only chance I got . So I kept trying and trying and finally I opened it and got out then I started to swim to shore . When I got there I screamed with joy. Then I got my wounds cleaned up and some how lived threw that very intense journey. That is all I have for you guys today thank u for watching and it would be great if u could go smash that like button down below thank and good bye ofor now !

Skills , interests, and favorites

  • 1) I'm good at raiding ships.
  • 2) I like to eat
  • 3)I like to sleep
  • 4)I'm good at making decisions
  • 5)I'm good at fitting into small spaces


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