The founder of Islam was Muhammad, it was founded in the early seventh century in Mecca (present day Saudi Arabia). Islam is connected to both Christianity and Judaism because they all worship the same God as well as believing that Abraham was a main prophet.

Since the most important city in Islamic faith is Mecca, one of the pillars that Muslims must follow is that they must take a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime, and when they are there they walk around Kaaba (the holy box) five times.

Islam was based off of the previous religions that came before it (Christianity and Judaism), however Muslims believe that Islam is the final and complete religion. The holy book is the Quran which focuses on Muhammad and his stories. The Islamic place of worship is a mosque and in the mosque is the religious leader, an Iman. Prayer usually takes place in the mosque and they face toward the direction of Mecca to pray.

These are the prayer positions that Muslims must follow when they pray.

There are two sects to the Islamic religion, the Sunni and Shia. Most percent of Muslims are part of the Sunni faith that believes the leader of the religion can be anyone who practices the Islamic faith. Whereas the Shiites believe that the leader should be someone of Muhammad's descent.Major holidays and celebrations:

  • Major Holidays and Celebrations
  • Muharram: The Islamic New Year
  • Mawlid al-Nabi: Muhammad's birthday
  • Ramadan: A month of fasting in which Muslims have intense prayer during the day as well as donate to charity
This is during Ramadan, when Muslims devote themselves to fasting and praying.

By: Julia Siston and Delaney DeWalls

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