Fact sheet Ice/crystal methamphetamine

Crystal Meth is common name for Methamptetamine in its crystal form. It can be taken Orally, Snorted, Smoked or injected, and in all forms powerfully affects the central nervous system. It suppresses the appetite, increases energy, and triggers a euphoric rush soon after entering the body. It's affects begin almost immediately when Injected, Smoked, or Snorted, and when taken orally begins to work 15 to 20 minutes. The faster the drug is obsorbed into your body the more powerful its affect, and the greater the risk for addiction. In :FACT? Crystal meth is commonly considered on of the most addictive drugs available, often causing dependency within only a few weeks of use.

Risks of taking Crystal Meth... . Anxiety, insomnia and depression. . Psychotic symptoms and sometimes including violent behaviour, which can last even after discontinuation. . Cognitive damage and confusion. . Problems with skin and teeth, cardiovascular issues, convulsions and even death. . It can lead to risky sexual behaviour and result in a sexually transmitted disease, or even HIV. . It can lead to crime and even prison. . It relates to a lot of family issues at home and can be a main cause to becoming homeless .

Recovery from Crystal Meth Addiction. Despite the intense addictiveness of Methamphetamines, treatment and recovery are possible. In :Fact: The first step to recovery is knowing and believing it can be done. Having family support, talking to you doctor to arrange other services that will assist you. Believing you are not alone. Get rid of all those old phone numbers and forget where your old drug dealers live. If you feel the need to start using again, ring a 1800drughotline or a close family member.


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