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Welcome to the spoops!!

WARNING!! Following content might make you want to kill yourself. You have been warned

Your a hoe! shes a hoe! everyones a hoe! hoe hoe hoe!

Yas merry almost sort of christmas everyone :D As you can see santa up there ^^ seems to like you very much!! im sure you will get a big suprise for christmas :D


I'd like to introduce you to these two people (if we can call them that.) These are the latest weebs the weewoo police have locked up. Here is the story of how they were caught!

Maisie: HUEHUEHUHEUHEUHEU I got da 12 peni's!!!

Popo: Stop right there!!! dis is da weewoos!! we got you surounded! our weeb raders have picked you up!

Maisie: HENEHENEHENHENEHENHE snort snort, I IS N0 SUCH TING! youll never get me alive!! honhonohno

Popo held up a ultimate super mega evalution peni and maisie came running after it


Evooons story

Evooon: uh nuh uh nuh uh nuhhhhhhhhhh my babies! they are gone! my sweet sweet dicklings where are they!

Mint tic tak: oi oi cherry cola boy! we handing you to da popo for rape!

Cherry cola evan: SCREEEECHHH wot u mean m9! i challenge you to a pokemon battle! SQUEEEECHHHH

Mint tic tak: you raped all those dicklings you monster! now fell the rath of my fluids!!!!

then boom giant shrek comes and takes the evan to the popo station where the evan tries to repopulate with the iluna but fails badly and his tic tak falls off and now he is in the corner of his cell with crippling depression

We have another weeb called jude but his story is on this site!!

It is very fabulaz site! Hey talking about fabulazness how about you check my other site which is called fabulaz, what a coincidence ;) This site is very interesting it has bee movie, osama bin laden, mr trump, judles nudles and tash i mean jimmy savile

oh hey another coincidence! speaking of jude he has a proffesional (like my spelling) website where you can hire prostitutes. The company is very very highly rated and is called Evans Prostitutes

okeh now i wanna introduce you to my daddy ;) ( no its not simon cowell, i know disapointing T.T )


now i would like you to meet ye old king of tumblebum.


this is his teacher V

I feel bad for her

And this is the whole family!


oh how could i forget!! theres a wanted criminal on the lose for all types of things! really she has kidnapped all the kidywinks and put them in her van. i cri. anyway dis is photo of her pls look for her if u find her pls call 07666-6666666921


We are reaching the end of this website T~T (ill probably update it now and then though xD ) I would like to apoligize if any of you were




This website is very fabulaz i reCUMend to mah friend (i got none) - Jude 2k16
Fak u im triggered- the weeb 2k69
*sniffle* just beautiful - satan and his wife hitler 2k16
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