The Snakefly By: Mira and kaylah

Pictures of snakeflies!

They are prediters of aphids, wood boring insects, and pests.

They do not sting and they are completely harmless.

They live in North Amarica (north of Mexico.)

Snakeflies develope under bark.

There size is about 15- 22 mm

They are usually brown and/or red

They stay in their larvae form for about a year!

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Created with images by Frank.Vassen - "Unidentified Snakefly (Raphidioptera), Parc de Woluwé, Brussels" • Frank.Vassen - "Snakefly (Phaeostigma notata), Forêt de Soignes, Brussels" • judygva - "Snakefly - Agulla species, Packer Lake, California" • davidshort - "Unidentified snakefly (R. confinis?) (NH266)" • davidshort - "Snakefly (NH266)" • Bennyboymothman - "Snakefly (Raphidia notata)"

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