The Era of Good Feelings by: Bayley Saxon


I believe that the citizens of this country are united as a nation through Politics, Art, Music, and Literature. They are a close community that seem to have lots of pride in their country. I hope America will thrive.


When James Monroe came back from his goodwill tour, people greeted him so warmly that the newspaper claimed an "Era of Good Feelings". Henry Clay is a man that wants to be president, and is attempting to unify the country with a belief that America's future laid in a couple of systems. Capitalism, an economic system based on private ownership of farms and businesses. In which individuals and companies produce and distribute goods for profit. Supporters of capitalism thought that government should have a limited role in the economy, but Clay believes that national government has a role to play in encouraging economic growth. Another system Clay proposed to unify the country is the American System. A system which calls for taxes on imports, federally funded transportation projects like roads and canals, and a new national bank. His plan for the national bank was to standardize currency and provide credit. I think if Henry Clay is elected to be president the United states has some good things coming for them.


In Early American art there is four popular ways of portraying art. Such as Folk art, Landscape, Portraits, and George Catlin national outlook. Folk art is simple, colorful, and direct. Men enjoy folk art by carving weather vanes, and hunting decoys. While women sew spare bits of cloth into quilts. People who are not professional artists created signs, murals, and images of national symbols like the American flag. Portraits are what most professional artists made a living off of. They capture personalities and emotions. John James Audubon creates very accurate, realistic studies of the species he observes to create art. Audubon is famous for painting finely detailed portraits of birds. Landscape art consists of nature and scenic vistas. One of the most famous landscape paintings is called Hudson River School by Thomas Cole, featuring storm clouds, sunny skies,and broad stretches of land. George Catlin is interested in the American West. He noticed the American Indians traditional ways are disappearing and his goal is to capture the native people, villages, hunts, ritual, and the rich colors in his art. I think all of these variations of art are unique because they each have something special and iconic that connect to the way art in Early America is portrayed.


One of the most popular music genres of music in the 1800's is Spirituals. It's a combination of of hymns of white churchgoers, and African musical styles. A religious folk song of African American origin. They entertaine themselves with this style of music, playing violin, drums, and banjo which is an African American invention. In the South West square dances are common, they are less formal versions of a cotillion. Some of the best known songs are "America" by Samuel Francis Smith, and "Jump Jim Crow" by Thomas Dartmouth Rice. I think Early American music is unique because it expresses Americas national identity.


In early american literature one of the nation's best novelists was Davy Crockett. He is a frontiersman, hunter, scout, soldier, and explorer who writes tall tales about his life. When he was elected to congress from Tennessee Alex de Tocqueville was horrified and quote on quote said "Crockett is a man who has no education, can read with difficulty, has no property, no fixed residence, but passes his life hunting, selling his game to live, and dwelling continuously in the woods." But those are the things that drive american's towards liking Crockett. He describes himself as a "half-horse, half-alligator", and became a national celebrity. His work reflects American's sense of individualism because they saw him as a fictional frontier and that he's just a regular

Counter Argument

The group that would not call this the Era of good Feelings is black slaves, and women. They are not treated fairly or equally and therefore don't agree with the way they were living. But they had to live with it anyways given the power they have they really can't do anything about it.


The United States of America is a strong independent nation. Politics, art, music, and literature are all factors that make this the Era of Good Feelings. I believe America will thrive and continue to impress and prove their nations brave and compatible power.

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