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Welcome to the Indian Creek Middle School Band!

The Indian Creek Middle School Band provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore and enjoy music-making. Students in our band get to learn how to play an instrument, give concerts, perform in small ensembles, go on trips, and have a lot of fun. The band is the largest organization on campus, and it enjoys a great reputation for quality and excellence.

About the Indian Creek Band

Since 1997, the Indian Creek Middle School Band has provided students the opportunity to explore music through instrumental performance. The ICMS Band serves about 150 students in grades 6-8. Classes consist of 6th Grade Beginning Band and 7th Grade and 8th Grade Concert Bands.

The Indian Creek Bands regularly participate in Georgia Music Educator Association events such as Large Group Performance Evaluation, Solo and Ensemble, and Auditions for District Honor and All State Bands. All band students perform concerts in December and May, and there are opportunities for fall concerts, 5th grade concerts, adjudicated performances, morning practice time, football pep band, stand jams with the high school bands for 8th graders, field trips, and a reward trip to White Water amusement park.

Why should a student join the band?

Study after study has proven that music education increases early brain development and improves students’ overall academic performance. Current research shows that music:

• Enhances higher brain function

• Improves reading and math performance

• Raises IQ and SAT scores

• Teaches the habit of excellence

• Builds teamwork skills and enhances cooperation

• Provides important experiences, such as self-paced learning and mental concentration

• Prepares children for the future

In beginning band, we spend the first 4-5 weeks learning about music – studying the fundamentals of music, playing song flutes, and learning about different instruments - flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion...and some others like oboe and horn! After each child has selected an instrument (with my guidance), we begin learning how to play the instruments!

Is Band a class?

Middle school students will have 2 connection classes per semester and Band is one of those classes that lasts for the full year and meets during the school day. Band and Chorus are the only Connection Classes that students can choose!

What are the after-school obligations of 6th Grade Band?

The 6th Grade Band performs at the Holiday Concert in December and Spring Concert in May. In addition, students have opportunities to participate in other band activities including Solo & Ensemble festival and a Performance for 5th graders. 6th Grade Band does not interfere with other school activities.

What are the financial obligations?

Students will need an instrument, book, and a few accessory items. We highly recommend that students rent an instrument for their first year of playing. Our music dealers offers rental plans that average $35 per month for the instrument and include a maintenance policy that will cover the instrument if it needs to be repaired throughout the year. Some expensive instruments are available as school-owned instruments such as baritones, tubas, horns, and bass clarinets.

ICMS Band students are the leaders of our school. Our students participate in Cheerleading, Sports, FFA, FCCLA, Agriculture, After School Program, Beta Club, Reading Bowl, Math Team, Science Olympiad, Chorus and many other clubs and activities. Band does NOT interfere with any of these other programs! Children NEED to be involved in something during their middle school years. Band is a fantastic program that helps students build and develop life skills that will serve them well through middle school, high school, and beyond.

Please think of band as an investment in your child's education. Music education opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your child that they will not experience in any other class or activity. Please do not let this opportunity pass your child by. 6th grade is the only time that we offer beginning band; therefore, 6th grade is the BEST time to join band. We want EVERY 6th grade student to be a part of our program. ENCOURAGE your child to be a part of the ICMS Band Program…students do not know what they like until they actually give it a try!

6th graders practicing in the band room in the morning.
7th/8th graders getting ready to perform.
6th graders!!!
ICMS Band kids ROCK!!

Camilla Keever, Band Director


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