Canada In 2050 By: Amritpal bains


Hi my name is Amritpal Bains and today I will talk about what will Canada look like in 2050 and I will also talk about current trends, birth rates, death rates and graphs showing all the data. In our current days we see a lot of things like increasing population and I will show you what will happen in a couple of years with proof such as graphs.


Demographic Trends

One current trend that is currently happening is population is increasing and you can see a example of population increasing in both genders female and male.

Birth Rate graph

The graph shows the increase in birth rates from 2011 to 2016 and as you can see bother genders combined the graph is increasing in birth rate.

The second trend currently happening is the natural increase rate which is birth rate decreasing the death rate which means that there is more births happening than deaths which means population is increasing.

My prediction is the trend will still continue with births increasing and deaths decreasing which means population will start to increase because there won't be as many deaths.

Immigration Trends

People come to Canada because they want to live a better life and they want there families to live a better life in Canada as Canada is very safe. Most immigrates need good health care and they need a good job and Canada has most of what immigrates need.

Canadian Refugees

The graph is showing the amount of refugees that are coming to Canada and as you can see it is not very constant as some years there are lots of refugees coming and some years there is not as many refugees as there would be so there is a up and down correlation.


Most immigrants come from different countries and on of the most popular places immigrants come from the Europe section as many people want to live a good life in Canada

My prediction is that many more refugees will start to come to Canada as Canada is very safe and it has most of the needs a human needs. More refugees will come to live a better life with there family and they will look at better job opportunity's and if the health care is good in Canada.

Canadian Passport

Aboriginal Trends

In 1989 the aboriginal population grew faster than the non aborgial people by 45% so the aboriginals had a very large population by now in 2015/2016 there are not as many aboriginals as there are more non aboriginals.

Male and Female aborignals

The aboriginal people had there own language and most aboriginals spoke that language but now that language has changed to English has more than half of Canada speaks English currently today.

As you can see in the map the aboriginal have more female and male births until age 25-29 when the non aboriginal people have a higher population.

Aboriginal People

Canada Population Video

This video is talking about population and how we might have to stop producing babies as our population is rapidly increasing.

Voice Recording

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In conclusion population is increasing rapidly as many refugees are coming to Canada as Canada is a very good country and it has many needs that other countries don't have such as jobs and a very good health care.

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