“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. " - Abraham Lincoln

Diving into one-self is never easy. We challenge the norm of what we believe about our own capabilities. We challenged students to dig deeper and see more about what it means to have exceptional character.

The question: What is character, how to seek it and what do I do with it when I have found it?

Covering topics such as emotional intelligence and conflict, students are equipped on how to respond to different scenarios in a mature and mature way. These are some of the most debatable issues in society today. We are surrounded by unresolved conflict and immoral choices yet we as disciples of God we choose to act differently in such a way to serve one another first and foremost.

Later in the week we tackled a prime part of our human walk…Faith. Faith in people, in yourself and in our Father. Building on Mirror week, faith is more than what we hope for, a confident reliance and trust in Gods plan. In times of wondering we can rely on His spirit to prompt us into the charter God intended for us.

Faith stirs vision and vision stirs action.

Character is harvested with patience and care. Enduing hardships and difficulties encourages the seed of character to grow and begin to shape the way you have influence within yourself.

May you find true appreciation to build character within yourself and be open to learning more about who you are within the paradigm of challenge, truth and execution.

As the quote says, may your tree grow and the shadow be merely an expectation of what you believe in reality.

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Gert Koekemoer


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