The Mindfulness Academy: A Substance Abuse Treatment Approach for Teens

Are you struggling with substance use? Do you have trouble identifying alternative and healthy ways to cope with stress, depression, and life in general? Has your drug use led to trouble with your parents, school, or the justice system? Do you want to learn a mindfulness based approach to managing your life? Learn how to use mindfulness to take back control of your life and dramatically lessen or eliminate the need to “use” to cope. Gain the critical and sustainable skills needed for young people attempting to reduce the frequency of substance use or other unhealthy behaviors in a safe and comfortable environment with other teens.

What: The Mindfulness Academy is a 12 week evidence based program consisting of twelve 75 minute group sessions. Each cohort is limited to 12 participants. All participants must be between the ages of 14-18. When: Groups will be held from 5:00-6:15PM on Monday evenings, beginning March 21, 2017.

Where: 125 E. Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA, 95008. Suite #205. 408-390-4199.

Who: Our Facilitators include three licensed clinicians with several years of experience treating and working with youth struggling with substance abuse.

What will we be doing?

*Experiential activities

*Psycho-education activities

*Process-based activities

*Mindfulness meditation

*Emotional awareness activities

*Substance abuse education

*Relapse-prevention strategies

What can I expect to achieve?

*An increased ability to manage strong emotions

*Reduced impulsiveness

*Reduced Stress

*Decreased cravings to use drugs

*Ability to observe drug cravings without reacting

*Increased overall well-being

*Increased perception in the risk of drug use

*Decreased drug use.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

To Parents..

The New Year brings with it thoughts of hope and optimism, however; with these thoughts comes ambivalence about how to best support our teens and feelings of anxiety about bumps in the road to come. 2017 promises for new beginnings in many areas. We are seeing changes in climate, political ideologies, and the direction of our Nation as a whole….not to mention the legalization of recreational marijuana in California. To add fuel to the already burning fire of influence that media and our society has on developing minds, teens have been bombarded with a wave of “weed culture” on billboards, commercials, social media, and anywhere else you can think of. With the idea of marijuana being “legal”, teens in California have become more and more bewildered as to what decisions they should make in regard to drug use. Marijuana and other drugs are more accessible than ever before, and parents are scrambling to save their children from falling victim to a new drug epidemic.

Unfortunately, there is no magic button we can push to end the influence of drug use or even to prevent teens from experimenting or using drugs. Our teens have been told all the reasons why drugs are a bad idea, and they have been urged to draw a correlation between drug use and an inability to be successful in school and life. Despite this, drug use has increased dramatically. As a result, the Mindfulness Academy was begun in an effort to provide young people sustainable and realistic skills to manage the emotions, stressors, and anxiety that often lead to experimentation in the first place. Through experiential activities that include processing, meditation, psycho-education, and relapse-preventions strategies, we teach teens to use mindfulness to increase their awareness of self and manage their thought processes and feelings in a healthy way. We believe in being realistic, relatable, and sustainable… a non-judgmental and safe environment. Our clinicians are not only experienced with working with teens and resistant young people, we are experts in addiction.

If your teen is experimenting with drugs, has been exposed to drug use or has already experienced sustained use, the Mindfulness Academy can help. We will sit down with you and your teen and conduct an assessment to determine their suitability for our program and necessary level of intervention. If your teen’s need is higher than what we can provide, we’ll give you the right resources. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Partner in Support,

Choices Teen Therapy

Program Schedule

March 21, 2017-June 6, 2017

Session 1: Introduction to the Program

Session 2: Mindfulness of Drugs and Their Health Effects

Session 3: Reacting vs. Responding

Session 4: Mindfulness of Delusion

Session 5: Emotional Awareness

Session 6: The Brain and Drugs

Session 7: Mindfulness of Cravings

Session 8: Mindfulness of Triggers

Session 9: The Family System and Drugs

Session 10: Mindfulness of the Peer System

Session 11: Mindfulness of the External Environment

Session 12: Closing Ceremony

When: Groups will be held from 5:30-6:45PM on Monday evenings, beginning March 20 , 2017.

Where: 125 E.Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA, 95008. Suite #205. (Above Stacks’ Restaurant)

Cost: The cost of the Mindfulness Academy is $2500 and includes all group sessions and an initial assessment. Due to limited space in the program, space can only be reserved upon payment in full.


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