MGA 102 Principles and History of Typography Konstantina georgiAdou, amalia gigolian, giorgos othonos

Everyday Typography
Typography before Gutemberg
Anatomy of Type
Swiss Style Typography
Project 1
Project 1 - Giorgos Othonos
Project 1 - Konstantina Georgiadou
Project 1 - Amalia Gkigkolian
Typographic Hierarchy

John Baskerville

John Baskervilles fonts

Positive and negative space
Project : Hierarchy
Type as image
Grids for text and image
Golden Ratio
Experimental Typography
Digital Typography / Kerning / Leading / Tracking
Project : Shape and Letter
Konstantina Georgiadou
Amalia Gkigkolian
Giorgos Othonos
Project : Booklet
Konstantina Georgiadou
Amalia Gkigkolian
Giorgos Othonos

The History of Typography - Animated Short

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