España by jake barnes

Spain is a Spanish speaking country, they created the language. Spain is home 46.56 million people as of 2016. Spain is a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and winters with balanced temperatures. So you should pack accordingly if you go.
Spain is a pretty big country with many historic places. Spain is thought to have created the feather quill pen. Spain also had one of the best naval forces in the 1500's. Spain is famous for their bullfighting. Spain's Architecture is a style called Baroque, which comes from Italy.
Down by many of the beaches in Spain are a lot of shops. In Spain they use the Euro, which equals $1.09 meaning the Euro is worth more than a dollar.
Spain is a country with many hills and mountains. Spain's highest point is the Tiede (12,198'). Spain is also home to the Iberian peninsula, which hosts Mulhacén (11,413'), the second highest peak in Spain. Up north is the Pyrenees mountain range, where the Basque people live.
España es grande. España tienes muchos gente. España es muy bonito. Ellos usan el euro. España tienes muchos montañas. España tienes muchos playas. España es caliente en el verano y frio en el invierno.
In Spain many of their dishes are seafood, such as Bogavante, or Centollo. As a European country, most of its culture is based on soccer. In Spain, they listen to all types of music, from flamenco to rap.
The Basque people live in northern Spain. They have their own style of food, like paella. The Basque people have many folk songs. "Fiesta de San Fermin, Pamplona" (Thyberg 1). A festival where they run from a bunch of stampeding bulls.
En España hay mucho pescado. Los festivales son divertidos y hay mucho buena música.
There are many activities in Spain, such as going to see a FC Barcelona team, arguably one of the best soccer teams in the world. Many people gather in different parts of Spain to compete in a Bull Run, a race where they literally run from stampeding bulls through the streets of many towns. Pampalona is the best town to watch for this run. Plus if you're over 18 it's free.
In costal areas of Spain there is a lot of snorkeling and scuba diving. The water is warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Snorkeling is 39 euros or $42.50. Scuba diving ranges from 45 to 410 euros ($49.04 to $446.80).
Finally one of the best things to do in Spain is a segway trip through Madrid. Renting segways ranges from 6.995 to 13.8 euros ($7.62 to $15.04). The tours themselves are 29 euros a person ($31.52).
En España tu poder bucear y buceo. Tu poder correr de toros y paseo segways.
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Jake Barnes


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