Spain tastes Hershey´s STRATEGY

"We've been busy. And our efforts do more than improve our company. Driven by a focus on our customers, employees, retail partners and shareholders,we’re leading efforts that not only build the company’s profitability, but more importantly build on our deep history of giving back."
"Even if you’ve been following us for years, you’ll be excited about what’s happening here."

2. About Hershey´s(what is it)

3. Context analysis Set-out where you are in your social journey and where the business needs to be, and the reasons for this.

4. Goals & Objectives

Goals define your high-level aims and objectives use SMART criteria to ensure each goal has a measurable set of criteria against which to evaluate progress.

5. Strategic challenges Here you set out the business challenges for the social channel that need to be overcome, and the strategic activities that will enable this.

6. Target audience: loyal, existing or potential customers.

7. Review

Your strategy shouldn’t be set in stone; it needs to be flexible to respond to changing market conditions.- possible challenges.
Created By
Sofia Valentina Rodriguez Franco

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