Inter(n)views: Isabel's Testimonial By Franziska Schenk

Hi, I am Franziska. I am currently supporting the personnel support of the Human Resources department. During my internship, I meet fellow interns, trainees and students to hear about their experiences working for Deutsche Börse Group. Read all about it in their Inter(n)views!

For my first inter(n)view, I sat down with Isabel who started an internship in Deutsche Börse's Talent & Development Team in March 2019.

Here is a brief insight into Isabel's experience during her internship at Deutsche Börse Group:

Why did you decide to work for Deutsche Börse, particularly in your department?

Before starting at university, I successfully completed an apprenticeship in the Human Resources department of another stock listed company. That is when I realised I want to work in an international company. I applied for an internship in the HR department of Deutsche Börse as part of my studies Public and Non-Profit Management with focus on sustainable resource management at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Although I had already gained some HR experience, I had never been involved in processes like recruiting. So as the HR department of Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt is quite large, I hoped to become more familiar with the different areas and processes of recruiting.

Please describe your first working days.

I was very curious about what tasks I might have. My first working days were overwhelming. I was very warmly welcomed by the team and had the chance to get a great introduction into the campus recruiting processes and the different subjects by my supervisor and fellow interns. I got to know all the new tools necessary for my work supporting the campus recruitment, and right away I received my own tasks, e.g. organizing student events, screening applications, organizing interviews or job offerings.

Please describe the working environment at Human Resources.

The first word that comes to my mind is “trust”. Everyone is putting trust in you and if you have any doubt on yourself, they encourage you to be more confident. Everyone is very open-minded and as the HR Department works in a co-working space, you always have the chance to get in touch with colleagues, not only within your team but also from other units as well. Everybody is very kind and helpful. My colleagues make it easy for me to feel comfortable and accepted here.

How do you think applicants can best prepare for their job interview?

Be authentic and show your true character and skills that are useful to the business. Your academic profile and your professional skills matter for the selection but it is also important that you fit into the company / team. Be well prepared and inform yourself about the employer / company. Show your interest in the company itself, the various departments, services and products and refer to the position that appeals to you.


Isabel is working as an intern in Deutsche Börse Group's Human Resource team. Find out more about internship opportunities and careers at Deutsche Börse.


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